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A self-driven challenge seeker and practitioner of insightful communication, Ayesha believes that learning is for life. One of the most transformative experiences of her career was Sales Lab, an elite Tech Sales Bootcamp at Conestoga College that rendered her with strong business intelligence, prospecting, and cold-calling skills. To Ayesha, selling is about integrity, empathy, and authenticity.

With an Economics degree from University of Mumbai (2020), a post-grad Marketing degree from Conestoga (2022), and interests that vary from writing sonnets to completing books she wants to take home on the library floor, she considers herself a rolling stone and believes in growth through constant change. 

Her biggest strengths are her ability to find needle in a haystack and zest for building relationships. With a love for learning about businesses and implementing creative ideas to grow them, Ayesha’s always striving to help her clients grow and succeed in their unique endeavours.