VA Partners Welcomes Ayesha Jalil as Business Development Representative

Venture Accelerator Partners is excited to welcome Ayesha Jalil to the team, as the new Business Development Rep. Ayesha joins VA Partners with a strong desire to help organizations grow their impact and revenues through outbound sales, incisive business intelligence, and start-up strategies.

She possesses a strong knowledge of the entrepreneur ecosystem and many connections she formed through industry mentorship opportunities at Sales Lab, an elite tech sales bootcamp at Conestoga Entrepreneurship Collective.

The Sales Lab experience was invaluable in strengthening Ayesha’s curiosity for how businesses grow and thrive and in disseminating the quintessential lesson of honesty, integrity, and empathy in sales. With an Economics degree from University of Mumbai (2020), a post-grad Marketing degree from Conestoga (2022), she brings with her a rich and holistic academic background. Her interests vary from writing and morning walks to deep and meaningful conversations. She believes learning is for life and believes in growth through constant change.

Her biggest strengths are her ability to find needle in a haystack and zest for building relationships. With a love for learning about businesses and implementing creative ideas to grow them, Ayesha’s always striving to help her clients grow and succeed in their unique endeavours. She’s passionate about the books she loves and has read Pride and Prejudice and To Kill a Mockingbird close to 10 times each.

Passionate about public speaking and creating knowledge ecosystems, she interned at Model Convention of States where passionate and ambitious students work to create a better and more eclectic debating circuit. Model United Nations helps build the leaders of tomorrow who want to solve world’s problems by tackling issues of climate change, global security, geopolitics, and world peace.

In her own words ‘It’s the hunt, the fact that it’s challenging, the fact that I learn so much about people and cherishing what makes us human’ that draws her to business development. A cold call according to her a beautiful experiment in human psychology and that is amplified in B2B Sales where organizations all intend to help each other but depend on the levers of human emotions and connections. 

Tech Sales particularly keeps Ayesha reading through the night because technology is no longer the catalyst for the future, it has already morphed into the future whether it’s the algorithms that make open access science available or internet of things that change our living spaces and Venture Accelerator Partners works with clients who are frontrunners in this creative disruption. We, at Venture Accelerator Partners are excited to have Ayesha on board wherein she will contribute to the growth of the company and our visionary clients. Connect with her on LinkedIn as she continues her journey with VA Partners.

VA Partners Welcomes Ayesha Jalil as Business Development Representative