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Venture Accelerator Partners provides B2B Sales, Marketing and Sales Training to Start-Ups and growing organizations 

Our Services

Our clients range from tech companies, industrial, services and technology hubs supporting their clients. Our team of sales and marketing professionals are experienced with growing businesses.

Choose the service that is right for you and your business. Whether you are looking for sales support, marketing support, or additional training for your team, VA Partners can help you.

B2B Sales

Grow your business with VA Partners. Our founders have over 50 years of combined sales experience. We leverage this experience when providing strategic sales help to small and medium sized businesses to help their businesses succeed. 

We can serve as a part-time VP of Sales or as a part-time Sales Representative to better suite your sales needs. 

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B2B Marketing

With the help of our part-time Marketing Manager, we can help you determine the right marketing strategy for your business and execute marketing plans that will drive results. 

Our B2B Marketing Manager has a wealth of experience to help your business grow. 

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Sales & Marketing

With the support of our part-time sales and marketing, International organizations can add experienced, and cost-effective local Canadian resources that will help you grow your business in Canada. 

VA Partners has a long history of working with companies from Ireland, Finland, Slovenia, Columbia, South Africa & more. 

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B2B Sales Training

VA Partners specializes in training entrepreneurs and their sales teams. 

We offer a range of training opportunities for Sales Reps and Sales Managers.

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Since 2006, we have helped companies expand and grow revenues faster with our results driven team. We have helped drive millions of website visitors, book hundreds of qualified meetings, and drive millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. 

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The Latest Marketing and Sales Insights

Sales Tactics
Mark Elliott

Cold Outreach Tactics

Most of our engagements with clients include cold outreach tactics. Companies come to us because they don’t have enough deals and/or discovery calls.  We employ

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