B2B Sales

Our founders at VA Partners have over 40 years of combined sales experience. We can serve as a Part-Time VP of Sales or as a Part-Time Sales Representative.

B2B Marketing

The digital platforms and tools available today allow organizations to access cost effective marketing channels. We can help both as a Part-Time VP of Marketing and a Part-Time Marketing Manager.

B2B Inbound Lead Generation

Content marketing, social media, email marketing, SEO and analytics are effective tools that can help companies generate leads.​

International Sales & Marketing

Our part-time offerings will allow international organizations to add experienced, efficient, and cost effective local Canadian resources that will help them grow their business in Canada.

B2B Sales Training

VA Partners provides B2B Sales Training geared to get your startup or growing organization on the path to sales success. We offer both training for Sales Reps and Managers.

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Some of our Verticals

We work with companies from many industries. These are just a few.