B2B Sales and Marketing For Startups And Growing Organizations

B2B Sales
Grow your business faster with VA Partners
B2B Marketing
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International Sales & Marketing
Add experienced, efficient, cost effective local Canadian resources to grow your business in Canada
Sales Training
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Professional Sales & Marketing Tactics without the Burden of Full-Time Costs

Venture Accelerator Partners provides a wide range of sales and marketing services that will help drive your company’s revenue and growth. By using one of our experienced sales and marketing professionals on a fractional basis, you’ll enjoy a flexible, low risk, professional solution, and access to a broad number of friendly contacts. 

Take a closer look at the services that we offer, and choose the one that is the best fit for you and your growing business. 

B2B Sales Services

VA Partners was first started as a B2B sales consulting firm in 2006. Our founders have over 40 years of combined sales experience, which allows our team to leverage this experience when providing sales strategies and tactics to our clients. Whether you are looking for the support of a part-time VP of Sales or a part-time Sales Rep, VA Partners is here to support you in your sales efforts.

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Part-Time VP of Sales

Works closely with your management team to provide comprehensive sales leadership and support, creating a sales strategy and plan and overseeing its implementation.

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Part-Time Sales Rep

An experienced Part-Time Sales Representative can provide your business with a scalable sales resource that can effectively implement your sales plan.

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B2B Marketing Services

B2B startup marketing is continuously changing, and with the introduction of new marketing platforms and tools it can be overwhelming as a startup to understand which strategy and tactic is right for you. That is where VA Partners can help. 

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Part-Time Marketing Manager

A Part-Time Marketing Manager can execute your marketing tactics and drive the marketing processes that will keep your marketing initiatives on track and on budget.

B2B International Sales & Marketing Services

Our sales and marketing teams have years of experience that can help you grow your business presence in Canada. 

B2B International Sales & Marketing Manager

Our part-time sales and marketing services allows international organizations to add experienced, efficient, and cost effective local Canadian resources that will help them grow in Canada. VA Partners has worked with companies from Ireland, Finland, Slovenia, Germany and Switzerland.

B2B Sales Training

Sales is continuously changing and evolving which can make it difficult to train your team in a way that works best for your business. VA Partners specializes in sales training, and we can help create a custom training package for your sales team that will help you navigate today’s sales landscape with interactive lessons, tools and templates. 

Sales Training for Sales Reps

Equip your sales representatives with strategic and tactical practices to gain sales successes with our training courses specifically designed for B2B sales representatives.

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Sales Training for Sales Managers

Our Sales Training for Managers will provide your with practical teachings to help you become a successful Sales leader.

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