Sales and Marketing Fast Start Plan™

The Sales and Marketing Fast Start Plan is a six-step plan that will help VA Partners to quickly understand your business, create a structure for sharing information, and outline the roll-out and implementation plan going forward. 

The Sales and Marketing Fast Start Plan will include a summary of your current strategy and processes, as well as new recommendations based on our sales and marketing experience, that will set your business up for success. 

Your Business 

Performe a review of your business objectives, value proposition, current sales and marketing activities, marketing budget, your solution and pricing model. 

Understand the Customer 

Create personas for the ideal customer that includes organization details as well as information based on the stakeholders within the organization that are part of the decision.

The Market

Understand your target market, competitive environment, target prospects and key contacts.

Sales Approach

Articulate a sales process, path to market (channels, partners and more), prospect qualification strategies, customer objection handling. 

Marketing Approach

We will identify the best marketing strategy and tactics with a plan for execution. These tactics could include, but not limited to email, social, content marketing, SEO, traditional marketing and ad words. 

Performance Measures

Articulate quantifiable goals for your business and during your engagement with us. 


Recommend sales and marketing tactics, clear implementation plan and communication plan to ensure everything stays on track and on budget.

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