Part-Time VP of Sales

Grow Your Revenues Faster with a Part-Time VP of Sales

A Part-Time Vice President of Sales works closely with your management team to provide comprehensive sales leadership and support, creating a sales strategy and plan and overseeing its implementation.

Path To Sales Success

Coaching your team on the importance of understanding and adhering to the sales process, your Part-Time VP of Sales will work to continually optimize your strategy as required to maximize your organization’s sales success.

Growing Your Sales Team

With a wealth of executive-level management experience, your Part-Time VP of Sales can identify and hire the right salespeople for your business, create personalized onboarding plans, and help set compensation.


As a CRM expert, your Part-Time VP of Sales will provide CRM recommendations, set-up your CRM tools as you require, provide best practices documentation, train your team on using the tool, and develop custom reports to monitor your funnel.

Setting Sales Targets

With a range of sales targets (revenue & activity-based) and quotas, monitoring your progress weekly, and making adjustments as needed, your Part-Time VP of Sales will ensure you meet your revenue goals.

Sales Mentoring

By mentoring your internal sales team and sales team leaders on sales strategy best practices, your Part-Time VP of Sales will help ensure your organization is well positioned to succeed in the long-term.

C-Suite Targeting

With decades of executive-level sales experience, your Part-Time VP of Sales is able to reach C-Suite executives within your target market, helping ensure your message reaches contacts with the authority to make decisions.

Learn How a Part-Time VP of Sales Can Help Grow Your Revenues