International Sales and Marketing

Grow Your Company's Canadian Presence with Our Hel

Our part-time offerings will allow International organizations to add experienced, efficient and cost-effective local Canadian resources that will help them grow their business in Canada. 

VA Partners has worked with companies from Ireland, Finland, Slovenia, Germany and Switzerland.

Leveraging Local Relationships

VA Partners has hundreds of local Canadian contacts that can be leveraged on behalf of international customers. These contacts span over a number of industries and job functions. These relationships can help with quicker early meetings and can be especially useful to close early sales and collect information on the overall Canadian opportunity.

Outbound Sales Effort

VA Partners can also contact cold targets as well. This could include a mix of email, cold calls, and social media. Your Part-Time International Sales Manager will research companies to find the right targets, initiate first contact with prospects, qualify prospects, and escalate opportunities where applicable.

Sales Process

By documenting all information and detailing all sales activities in a CRM tool of your choosing, Your Part-Time International Sales Manager will ensure you have an accurate representation of your sales funnel, feedback, accounts, and contacts.

Ad-Hoc Marketing

VA Partners can also help with ad-hoc marketing in Canada. This can include creating brochures, email campaigns, event management, and many other activities. We can also provide input to help you “Canadianize” information for local markets.

North American Market Assessment

Expanding into a new geography can be a risky proposition without a plan. VA Partners can help create an assessment for Canada and/or the US for your product or service.

Test the Waters

VA Partners can help set-up meetings with potential end users and prospects to get a better feel for the market. This additional information can be important as you are assessing the option to set-up a Canadian office.

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