Sales Training For Entrepreneus

Grow Your Business

At VA Partners, we specialize in growing small businesses. With our sales training for entrepreneurs, training could include a variety of topics to help you grow your business and your team. 

Training Streams

Creating a Sales Plan

Determine what the best sales strategy is for your business.

Hiring Strategy

Plan best practices on how to hire the best salespeople.


Understand important tactics to get your sales team off on the right foot.

Continuous Training Plans

Tap into key ideas on how to keep your sales team at the top of their game.

CRM and Funnel Management

Outline the role of a CRM in the sales process amoung your sales people.

Team Communications

Develop a communication plan to keep the sales team on track throughout the sales process.

How do we employ sales training for entrepreneurs?

We employ a variety of methods to deliver training to entrepreneurs, via regional innovation centres or post secondary institutions.

Here are some of the ways that we deliver sales training to entrepreneurs. 

Sales Bootcamp: Innovation Factory, Haltech, Innovate Niagara, University of Toronto 

Webinars: Brock, DMZ

Incubator/ Accelerator programs: Altitude Accelerator, Brock Link 

P2P (Free): Communitech, MeetUp and the Innovation Factory

Learn How Our Sales Training for Entrepreneurs Can Help Grow Your Revenue