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Randy Hendriks


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Eager to make an impact, Randy joins VA Partners with a track record of helping organizations grow revenues through sales, marketing, and customer engagement. He has coached and worked directly with over one hundred organizations and business startups, helping them to secure over two million dollars in new funding. Randy has been involved in the Hamilton start-up ecosystem coaching clients through value proposition development and sales planning.

With a significant and broad academic background in engineering, entrepreneurship, and social sciences, Randy completed his doctoral thesis at Acadia University on the topic of developing community leaders. He identified trust and relationship building as the key factors for success in the early stages of team building. In the same way, he has come to realize that, at its foundation, the sales process is based on building strong connections, growing trust, and going beyond the superficial.

Randy also has a passion for social innovation. He has created online platforms for fair trade and social impact products, coached social enterprises, and most recently has been involved in the launching of Create Hamilton, an eight thousand square foot social innovation incubator in East Hamilton. Having spent time working with organizations with an international reach Randy enjoys following the news in Mexico and Central America to keep his Spanish language skills fresh.