Customer Success Story: Boreal Berry Farm

About Boreal Berry Farm

Boreal Berry Farm is a premier processor and packer of quality Ontario grown local frozen fruits and vegetables for retail, food service, private label and manufacturers.

Boreal Farm


Run by Greg and Mira Melien, Boreal Berry Farm is no-till, bee friendly, non-GMO and pesticide free. Their frozen fruit and vegetables, over 30 types and blends, come in both conventional and organic. They use IQF (individual quick freezing) on site to lock in the taste and nutrients. 

All frozen food products proudly display the Brand Canada/Marque Canada logo and Foodland Ontario certification of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Boreal products are Safe Food for Canadians certified and have HACCP in place


With the growth in the business, Greg and Mira needed to develop a structured way of continuing their sales efforts cost effectively so more of their time could be spent on:

  1. Streamlining and improving operations to enable more production volume
  2. Growing and developing a strong operational team
  3. Strategizing on the continued expansion of the business



Utilizing VA Partners Part-Time VP and Sales Representative services, a sales strategy and plan was developed and executed including:

  • Developing a sales plan and sales messaging
  • Setting up a CRM (Hubspot) to manage the sales process
  • Proactively targeting new large customers for Boreal’s products including both direct clients and partners
  • Helping to manage and grow relationships and volume with existing customers
  • Assisting in pricing strategy
  • Developing new sales materials to better educate consumers on Boreal’s products
  • Assist Boreal in the set up and management of a virtual trade show booth for one of Canada’s largest retailers



After working with VA Partners for 6 months, sales operations have been streamlined, new customers have been won, sales are consistently growing with the expectation of nearing $1 million this fiscal year, a 30% improvement from last year.   

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