Industrial Services

Providing Marketing and Sales Support

As experts in highly skill-based fields, companies in the industrial services sector know their business better than anyone else. However, marketing their service offerings and finding qualified leads can be a challenge. That’s where VA Partners comes in.

VA Partners understands that businesses in the industrial services sector have small prospect pools and rely on customer feedback and word-of-mouth to earn new clients. However, developing an effective sales funnel and proactively marketing to these prospects will speed up the sales process and allow businesses to grow much faster.

For this reason, VA Partners has developed a ROI-based sales and marketing strategy that works seamlessly with industrial service businesses to help drive traffic to their website and grow their sales pipeline. Our goal is to create and refine the channels appropriate to your unique prospect pools to improve the efficiency of your sales funnel and grow your business.


Our Strategy

Social Media

Working alongside your team, we will build your social media presence on the best channels to reach your target audience. By creating a social media calendar and engaging with other social media users, we will create a platform that amplifies your content and showcases your business knowledge and expertise to the right people.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to remain top-of-mind with your prospects. By sending out periodic email campaigns with relevant industry news, or information on a new or innovative product or service you are offering, we will be able to provide you with reports that indicate who is engaging with your content and what information your prospects are interested in.

Content & SEO

Creating new content and utilizing SEO practices is the best way to boost the number of visitors to your website. We will work with your existing webpages and develop new content to answer each of your prospect’s search queries. As SEO and content development is never complete, we will continually monitor your site to make sure you are consistently reaching your target audience.


Your website should be working even when you’re not. Online forms are a useful way to collect lead information. Examples of these forms include newsletter signups, free downloads, contact submissions, and service requests. We will ensure that any form submissions are being deposited into your CRM to begin the sales funnel process.

Sales Strategy

Whether you need insight into a new opportunity or can’t quite seem to pull prospects through the sales funnel, we are able to provide a Part-Time VP of Sales to your business. By leveraging our combined 40 plus years of sales experience, your part-time VP will provide comprehensive sales leadership and support, create a sales strategy, and oversee its implementation.

Sales Support

As your business grows, your sales team needs to be able to adapt. By providing you with a scalable sales resource, your business will have the means to effectively implement your sales plan. We can offer you a range of part-time sales services ranging from executing outbound email sales prospecting campaigns to a dedicated Part-Time Sales Rep that will do the leg work to qualify, meet with, and close business for you.

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We've broken down our industrial sales strategy even more on our blog.
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