Ask the Experts: AI and Marketing Automation

In this second part of our ask the experts series, we asked our experts what the future holds in the AI and marketing automation space.

Jennifer Gauvreau- Innovation Factory Hamilton
Last year we took every opportunity to learn about AI.  We leaned in right away to experiment with Chat GPT and tested new AI features that launched through the marketing tools/platforms we use.  We tuned into webinars and routinely reflected on our use of these tools. In short – I am all for AI and 2024 will be no different. However, I believe it should only be leveraged as a resource in the creative process and not as a content creation vehicle.  We ask AI for help, to optimize for keywords, refine our message, or even proofread our work.  We use it to launch or test our ideas but we never let it replace the value we bring to creating content – the value we bring to be able to connect with other humans. AI is a form of regurgitation, and as marketers have to do our part not to feed the cycle of AI-generated content informing future AI-generated content.

Shelley Mayer- Ramp Communications
In 2024, we see AI as an opportunity to drive efficiency in our marketing and communications efforts. While recognizing the potential of these new tools, we plan to integrate them cautiously, considering client confidentiality, our intellectual property, as well as our clients’ intellectual property. We also don’t want to lose sight of the importance of telling authentic, human stories and taking a strategic approach to all communications. In the upcoming year, we will stay updated on the evolving landscape of AI tools and explore how these tools can integrate into our workflows in a responsible and productive way.

Mark Evans- Marketing Spark
I see AI and marketing automation gaining a lot more traction than AI and content marketing. There’s tremendous runway to leverage AI to make marketing more efficient and productive. Fueling this trend are the never-ending number of innovative and user-friendly tools.

Sourov De – Stryve Digital Marketing
We’ve been using AI for a while to enhance our team’s capabilities and do things more efficiently. In 2024, we’ll continue experimenting with it to find how best to leverage it for ourselves and our clients. I think a lot of the conversations in 2024 will still be about testing small use cases and proving the value AI can add for teams. There’s still a lot of fear, especially in marketing, that AI and automation will replace jobs and skills.

While these fears are valid and understandable, it’s important to note that current AI has its limitations. For example, in a 2023 comparative study, human-generated content ranked 94% better than AI-written content.  We should be looking at AI and automation tools as a compliment to humans as opposed to a blind replacement. AI and automation tools should allow marketers to spend their time on more creative and strategic tasks that tech can’t do.

Stacey Kerslake- VA Partners
We have been watching AI trends in the marketing space for a few years, and we recently adopted a few tools into our workflow to help complement our marketing strategy. We use tools like to help us ideate and create blogs, copy and workflows. Jasper has been a great tool for us in being able to work faster, and also help us when we needing support around certain topics. However, we do not treat AI and this tool as a replacement for our efforts, we treat it as a compliment. For example, when we use Jasper to aid in blog writing, we still do a thorough spell and grammar check, and input blog writing best practices that help with SEO. Jasper jas allowed us to focus our time on bigger projects as it has freed up time, but we still fill in the gaps where ai tech can’t.

Vanesa Green- Greenlight Content
AI is an excellent complement to your marketing automation strategy, from content ideation for blog topics and outlines to email marketing sequences and templates. It will still require a deft hand and a sharp mind to refine the output and ensure it reflects your brand’s voice and speaks to your target audience. AI will continue to be a useful tool, not a replacement for human insight, when it comes to creating marketing automation campaigns.

As the future of AI and marketing automation continues to develop, we will explore new opportunities and tools that can help us as well as our clients to reach their goals. Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more as we explore the future of AI. 

Ask the Experts: AI and Marketing Automation