B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Tips To Consider

Without a constant stream of new clients, your business will unlikely survive for long. Lead generation is the initial step to get prospects interested in your product or service followed by nurturing them until they convert to paying customers. Here are B2B lead generation tips to continually gather viable leads to send through your sales pipeline.

Develop High-Quality Content

Creating content such as blog articles is great for B2B lead generation because they not only boost your SEO rankings, but also help establish your company as an authority in your industry. These blogs should aim to educate your audience so that you become a go-to resource when your prospect is looking for information.
A good place to start when you are planning your content topics is to look for a pain point that your audience often complains about. You can get ideas from your customer service reps or your sales team or even by poking around on social media such as LinkedIn. Write an excellent piece of content that discusses the problem and suggest actionable insights on fixing it.
But getting your prospects to read your content doesn’t necessarily make them viable leads. You need to entice them enough that they will take steps to share with you their contact information so that they can start the buyer’s journey.
This is where a compelling call-to-action (CTA) comes in. An example of a CTA is inviting them to sign-up to receive your monthly newsletter. You can also offer a free consult and request them to choose an available date on your online calendar.

Invest in Lead Generation Ads

In the past, ads on search engines such as Google Ads would send a prospect to a dedicated landing page when they click the ad. But if your landing page is slow to load, this will frustrate your lead and your bounce rate will increase. A better B2B lead generation tactic would be to keep them on the ad page. Native lead generation ads allow users to complete their goals within the ad itself thereby driving more leads by reducing friction. For example, if you want them to sign-up for your newsletter or for an upcoming webinar, they don’t link to link out to another landing page, the ad itself will have boxes where the prospect can input their information. Facebook and LinkedIn also have their own version of lead generation ads that make sign-ups faster and more convenient on their respective platforms.
Google has created lead form ad extensions to make the process simpler and more convenient for users to key in their information within the ad. These forms can be integrated with your current CRM so that information that is collected can be automatically stored in your database.

Send Compelling Email Campaigns

These days, sending a generic email message to all your subscribers and praying for conversion just won’t hack it. With crazy busy work lives, nobody has the time to sort through tons of emails. Your email must resonate from the get-go and this starts with a personalized and relevant email subject.
In B2B lead generation, segmentation is key. You need to know your target well enough and create buyer personas. Personas are fictional characterizations of your prospects taking into account not only demographics, but psychographics, their motivations, pain points and business goals.
Be clear and straightforward in your messaging. You will only capture the interest of your prospect when you speak their language and immediately provide value. The flow is also essential. Remove fluff that distracts the reader from your main message. As much as possible, include only one call-to-action such as inviting them to download a detailed article, watch a demo, read a case study or schedule for a free consult.

Focus on a single trigger event with only one link. It’s understandable that you want to give as much information while you have your prospect’s attention. But you can’t rush purchasing decisions. You will only confuse your reader and it can lead to further inaction. This is the reason why you need to plan your drip email campaign over time to support the buyer’s journey.

Connect and Engage on LinkedIn

If you are looking in improve brand awareness and increase sales opportunities, you may find significant traction with LinkedIn. This social platform is particularly effective for B2B prospecting. Studies show that LinkedIn has become the top paid social channel for companies with around 82% of B2B marketers finding success in using it.

There are a few ways that you can improve your lead generation using LinkedIn. Share industry-related articles to get a higher chance of getting more engagement from your desired target market. This also helps establish you as an expert and increase your credibility.

Once you have established your authority in your industry, you can create stronger connections with your potential leads. Engage and comment on their posts and share relevant materials. If you are connected to previous or current clients, explore opportunities to get referrals or be introduced to other potential customers.

Schedule Outbound Calls

The most personal approach to connecting with clients is with a phone call. But cold calling is not always easy to pull-off. It should be handled carefully, and one should respect the other party’s privacy. Start conversations by presenting clear and concise information to immediately establish value for your audience.
Because the window to grab attention and make an impact is small, it is vital to have a sales elevator pitch ready. It is important that you first figure out who from the company has influence on the buying process and is an actual decision maker. Otherwise you may be talking to the wrong person.

One of our key B2B lead generation tips is don’t expect to make a conversion on the first call. B2B lead generation takes a while to nurture and will involve a series of conversations with not just one point of contact. Be patient and allow the buyer’s journey to progress at a pace that your prospect is comfortable with. By taking your time to truly listen and personalizing their buying experience, you will establish trust that will make it easier for you to convert.

Do you need more B2B lead generation tips? Reach out to our team to find out how we can help.

B2B Lead Generation Tips To Consider