5 B2B Sales Tactics to Reach More Prospects

timingTiming is an important element for increasing the odds of reaching your prospects in the world of B2B sales. If you want to boost sales, it’s important to know the best times to call and take full advantage of key meetings times.

This blog will share my thoughts on the best times to reach out to your contacts and help you move one step closer to reaching more prospects and closing more B2B sales opportunities.

1. Call early in the morning

If you’re trying to reach a prospect, take full advantage of early morning calls. The morning offers an opportunity to reach your target before they dive into their work, are taken away from their desk for meetings, or have started any major tasks and projects. The closer to the start of the work day you call your prospect, the more likely you are to reach them. If you reach your contact but they don’t have time for a call, be sure to schedule something for later in the day.

2. Or call at the end of the day

Avoid the mushy middle. Calling your prospect closer to the end of the day provides you with an opportunity to reach them as the workday winds down when workloads are lighter. Your contact is more likely to be done with meetings and returned to their desk. If you reach your contact but they are still busy taking care of a few tasks, politely ask if there is a better day and time to reach out to them again. Working with your contacts schedule will ensure they are more receptive to your message.

3. Use time zones to your advantage

If you’re trying to sell outside of your time zone be sure to take full advantage of nature’s gift to salespeople – time zones. Planning your calling schedule with time zones in mind will allow you to reach your prospects when they’re most likely to engage without slowing you down in your own region. By using time zones to your advantage you will be able to essentially extend your optimal sales period, meaning better opportunities to reach and connect with your contacts.

4. Ask for the right time

If you’re still not able to reach your contact, don’t hesitate to ask their administrative assistant or another ‘gatekeeper’ when the best time to contact your prospect would be. We all operate on different schedules and our daily demands vary from industry to industry. Be flexible. Reach out to your B2B sales prospects when the time is most convenient for them.

5. Don’t forget about breakfast meetings

In a recent blog I wrote about the top 5 B2B sales tips I learned from Jeffrey Fox’s book “How to become a Rainmaker”. To Jeffrey, the use of breakfast meetings was important enough to warrant its own chapter. A breakfast meeting provides the opportunity to meet with your prospect before they are busy with their day and are less susceptible to cancelations because of unforeseen problems that arise during the work day. Keep your breakfast light to ensure the maximum amount of time for conversation.

A final piece of advice: stay positive and be persistent. Utilize these 5 B2B sales tactics to help you reach your prospects and move one step closer to closing B2B sales. If you enjoyed this blog and want to learn more about cold calling, be sure to download our free whitepaper How to Cold Call.

5 B2B Sales Tactics to Reach More Prospects