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The 5 Keys to Good Sales Messaging

Before you reach out to your prospects, it’s important to work on your sales messaging. Having a strong message that resonates with your audience will yield you more successful results. To help you craft a stronger sales message, be sure to keep the following key points in mind:


1. Consider the Prospect’s Pain Points

It’s important to understand the problems and challenges facing your potential customer. These pain points will ultimately serve as purchase motivators. Understanding these motivators will provide you with a great base from which to craft your pitch and approach the sale.

2. Engage Before You Inform

When initiating first contact with your prospect, structure your messages so that anticipated points of interest are near the beginning of your conversation. This should be done for all forms of communication, including emails and phone calls. The goal is to encourage your prospect to read and/or hear more about what you have to offer. Once you have built a rapport and gained their interest, they will be more likely to take a deeper dive into your sales offering.

3. Focus on Solutions, Not Products

People do not buy products or services, they buy solutions that solve problems. Learn to highlight your solution’s true value by understanding why your prospect would be interested in your solution. For example, chances are when you buy a can of Coke you’re not just attracted to the shiny red can. You’re buying a Coke as a means to an end -refreshment, happiness, and enjoyment. Don’t sell the cans, sell a thirst quenching, satisfying experience. Read our blog post on this topic for more ideas.

4. Highlight your Differences

It’s not enough to convince a potential customer that they need a solution; you need to convince them they need your solution. This might take challenging them, while you highlight how your solution differs from alternatives within the market, placing a focus on the unique attributes of your products and services that are best suited to remedy your potential customer’s pain points. You must make your solutions stand out in the mind of the customer to entice them to buy from you.

5. Sell the True Value

Monetizing the true value of your offerings can help attract a sale and justify the decision to buy. When monetizing your solution, keep the focus on what it means to your customer. While cost is obviously a factor, explore whether it can also save your customer time, indirect costs, or reduce risk. For example, if you are selling high grade machine oil, highlight the costs savings that can come from fewer machine breakdowns or the need for less maintenance and repairs. These need to be core pain points that are experienced by your prospects that your product can solve, thus adding value.
Have a look through our white papers for more support and ideas around good sales messaging. Still have questions, or interest in receiving sales and marketing support from VA Partners? Contact us to set up a meeting and discuss your growing business today.

The 5 Keys to Good Sales Messaging