small and growing tech companies

Working With Small and Growing Tech Companies

We work with predominately small and growing tech companies and two of the objections we run into often for our clients is their size and depth of their team. These are pretty standard questions any buyer will ask especially when investigating the potential to work with a small company and the more strategic the deliverable is to their business, the more critical you answer it well.

First of all, don’t panic. These objections can be managed effectively and at the same time will give you an opportunity to discuss your strengths and differentiators.

My recommendations to handle these sorts of objections are:

  • Acknowledge the potential objection and current situation – it is what it is, but emphasize your core skills, competencies, successful projects delivered and references.
  • Mention the importance of the project to you and your desire in building a long-term relationship with the prospect.
  • Reinforce that any team, no matter what the size of the company only has a few real experts that can provide the level of knowledge required for the project – so company size is not really as relevant.
  • Mention how your size is an asset – you able to provide a higher level of service to the client, be more flexible with the engagement, provide a higher degree of accountability and so forth.

There is no one answer to these sorts of objections but hopefully this will provide you with a few ideas of what to do when asked in the future.

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