start-up sales

Updated White Paper: Introduction to Start-Up Sales

At VA Partners we know that while there are many tried and true methods in sales that remain a constant, certain strategies and tools evolve over time. For that reason, we’re excited to release an updated version of our Introduction to Start-Up Sales white paper. The white paper covers topics including:
• prospecting
• sales messaging
• outreach and cold calling
• building a meeting plan
• networking and social selling
• further resources
Be sure to test out some of the tools we reference throughout the white paper. Chapter 6 will also be of interest, with new material covering networking and social selling, helping you to:
• set goals for networking
• mix up who you meet
• add value and reciprocate
• listen first
We know that having a good methodology is one of the most important aspects of developing a sales framework that gets results. By putting these sales teachings into practice, you will be giving your Start-Up the best chance to succeed. If you have any questions about sales or marketing, or are looking for a hands-on sales support, you can contact us here.