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Tips for Developing an Effective B2B Marketing Strategy

Developing an effective B2B marketing strategy is an important step for any business, whether you’re a fresh startup or a seasoned corporation. Here are some tips to help you out while defining your strategy.


Develop a Target Audience

No business can market themselves to the entire population and simply believe they’ll see substantial results. Every business has an audience and figuring out who composes that audience is imperative to your success. This starts with developing target personas that describe your ideal customer, and one way to develop these personas is to look at your current customers. Look at your client list and find the common variables between them, and these types of traits will help you develop a concrete target persona.

Prepare Content for That Audience

Now that you’ve defined your target audience, it’s time to develop content for that audience. Pinpoint what kind of topics resonate with your ideal customers and start writing about those topics (if they, in fact, relate to your business). If you’re successful with creating content that reaches your target personas, you’ll begin to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and will have returning visitors looking for a fresh take on things that relate to them.

Set Content-Specific, SMART Goals

Not all content is created for the same purpose, but each piece of content should be created with a specific, tangible goal in mind. This might sound a lot like a SMART goal: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based. Consider this a checklist for defining content-related goals, but these will change depending on the intention of the content. Some content may be developed for the purpose of generating a lead, but you might also develop content that’s intended to drive traffic to another piece of content. It’s like football: you’re not trying to score a touchdown on every play, sometimes you just need a first down. The goal of the content all depends on the journey you’ve defined for your buyers.
I hope these tips can help you develop an effective B2B marketing strategy. If you’re looking for more tips on a regular basis, check out our Twitter feed or subscribe to our newsletter.

Tips for Developing an Effective B2B Marketing Strategy