5 Essential Platforms for B2B Social Media Marketing

In the last couple of years social media has become an essential tool for PR and Marketing. But when we think about brands with a strong social media presence, the first ones to come to mind are usually B2C companies. Yet B2B social media marketing can be just as effective if you are using the right strategies on the right channels. This blog reviews 5 essential platforms for a successful B2B social media marketing.

Is Your B2B Company Shying Away from Social Media?

While marketing to businesses is different from marketing to consumers, B2B social media strategies can still be extremely effective and useful for your business. No wonder many B2B companies have already employed social media strategies in order to increase their credibility and brand awareness, as well as to build reputation and acquire and retain customers. In fact, latest research shows that B2B social media budgets are rapidly growing, and spending is expected to rise by as much as 73% over the next five years!

So if your B2B company has been shying away from social media tools, it has been missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Perhaps, it is time to re-evaluate your current marketing strategy and integrate new social tools into it. But which social media channels should your company focus on?

Essential Platforms

LinkedIn continues to be the most popular B2B social media platform. Created for business networking, it encourages the sharing of professional and educational content between influential, high-level executives and businesses, making it perfect for B2B lead generation. But despite it being an obvious and effective B2B solution, LinkedIn shouldn’t be the only social media platform your company is using for marketing.

Facebook, for example, is often overlooked by B2B companies as it is often assumed to be a B2C-only marketing platform. But in reality Facebook can be used for a variety of purposes, from generating B2B leads by targeting specific buyer personas, to brand development and relationship building.

Twitter is another great platform for B2B marketing, as it allows your company to better connect and engage with your audience. From attracting prospects and engaging with existing clients to building brand awareness and credibility, or just understanding your audience better – these are just some potential benefits of using Twitter as a B2B marketing tool.

Instagram may not be the most obvious choice for B2B marketers, however it can be extremely effective in terms of building your brand and giving your company a personality. By creating and sharing quality content that resonates with target readers, you will grow a dedicated and engaged audience and increase the relatability of your brand.

Youtube, which is the second most frequently used search engine, is another great platform for B2B marketing. Not only does it improve SEO by boosting your search rankings, it also allows you to show your brand’s personality, create a community around your products/services and engage with your audience.

Without a doubt, social media tools work for B2B marketing. You just have to figure out how to tailor them to your company’s needs.

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5 Essential Platforms for B2B Social Media Marketing