8 Ideas for Your Next B2B Blog Post

blog post ideasComing up with blog post ideas for your B2B blog can be challenging, especially when you’re tight on time.

Luckily, creating great content for your B2B blog doesn’t have to be taxing or time consuming.

Here are eight B2B blog posts ideas that are highly relevant to your potential customers, yet are easy to write. To help you get started with each idea, I’ve included examples of blog posts we’ve read on other blogs or that we’ve written at VA Partners which use that idea.


1. Answer a Common Client Question

Over the course of your business, you probably answer similar questions about your business or product over and over again. Make each of these common questions into a blog post; not only will the blog post be quick to write since you’ve had practice answering the question, you’ll also be creating an online resource you can refer future customers to.
Sample blog post titles:


2. Write a How-To Guide on Overcoming a Specific Pain Point

Did you overcome a particular challenge lately? Talk about the problem you had, how you solved it and the resources you used. For example,
At VA Partners, we manage social media for clients and ourselves; naturally, we try to optimize how we use Twitter. Based on that, we wrote blog posts like:


3. Summarize a Business Book You Recently Read

Share your newly acquired knowledge by jotting down a brief overview or the key takeaways of the book you just finished. You can summary the book with one paragraph per chapter or explain one major point from in the book and its practical implications.
Sample blog post titles:


4. List Useful Tools You or Your Clients Use

Chances are that you use certain online tools, mobile apps or software applications on a daily basis to perform your job. If you’re an agency, you may use social media or design tools; if you’re a software development company you may use collaboration or code repository tools. Listing and giving an overview of each tool is easy and will let your potential clients be more familiar with how you conduct your business if you’re a service company, or how your products are made if you’re a software or product company.
Sample blog post titles:


5. Compile a Collection of Top Blogs

You probably have a list of industry blogs or news sites that you visit on a regular basis, or that you follow on social media such as on Twitter or LinkedIn. Turn this list of sources into an easy blog post by simply sharing what those blogs or companies are; if you found those websites helpful and engaging, your readers probably will too.
Sample blog posts titles:


6. Recommend Users to Follow on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook

Help your readers keep up with industry trends and industry news by compiling a list of thought leaders they should follow. Not only will this help them fill their newsfeed with relevant updates, it will also help your readers find shareable content.
Sample blog post titles:


7. Share your Favourite Quotes

Curating a list of inspiring, witty or notable quotes about your industry or from industry leaders is an easy way of developing an entertaining but relevant blog post. Tools you can use to find quotes include Brainy Quote, Goodreads and Wikiquote; search by topic or by author name.
Sample blog post titles:


8. Create a List of Upcoming Industry Events

Events, workshops and presentations are a great way to make new connections in your industry and learn from subject matter experts. If you’ll be attending or speaking at any of the events, mention that in your blog post to encourage face-to-face connections. Tools to help you find events are Meetup.com, Eventbrite and StartUp Digest for startup events.
Sample blog posts titles:

What are other ideas for B2B blog posts that are easy to write?
If you’re interested in learning more about creating B2B blog content, explore some of our free sales and marketing resources for startups.

8 Ideas for Your Next B2B Blog Post