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Best Video Marketing Tips in 2019

Video marketing is considered to be an effective, low cost opportunity for businesses to get visibility, improve branding and generate leads. The most effective video ads are based on a variety of video marketing tips that comply with general marketing principles. Here are the best video marketing tips to get you started on the right foot.


Define Your Goals and Your Audience

Before getting carried away with your next video shoot, consider sitting down for a minute and laying out your ideas and goals for the project. Is it intended to be a lead generation campaign? Or are you trying to increase brand awareness? What is your target audience and what do you hope the next step for the viewers will be? By defining these goals ahead of time, you will ensure you video will have the biggest impact.

Furthermore, consider creating one video per target group/audience, instead of creating a general video campaign. Each video should have different ways of convincing different target audiences to choose your product or service. It may be a small detail, like rephrasing a sentence, or it could be a series of completely different video ads targeting different lifestyles, geographical areas etc. Other examples of different target audiences could include existing customers, people who are familiar with your business but have never purchased your product/service, or people completely unfamiliar with your company.


Catch Viewers’ Attention and Get To the Point Quickly

The first five seconds are crucial for the success of your video campaign. One good way to know if the video will quickly catch viewers’ attention, is to pretend that your entire video lasts only five seconds. If something essential is missing within that time frame, you might want to consider editing your video until you get your main point across within the five second time frame.

While the beginning of the video should captivate viewers’ attention and include a call-to-action, the remaining part of the video should be informative and reinforce what you already mentioned.


Avoid Overtly Sales-Focused Videos

While people want solutions to their problems, most of them do not want to watch or to listen to a sales presentation. Your message will simply be ignored if your audience thinks that you are only interested in their money. On the other hand, selling a solution means that you are trying to make their lives easier. This is far more interesting and they are more likely to see it as being worth their time.


Optimize Your Title, Tags and Description

If you want people to actually watch your video, you’ll need to make sure you have an engaging title and description that tells people what they should expect to see. Furthermore, SEO is a crucial part of any video campaign and you need to make sure you picked the appropriate tags for your video campaign.

Your title and description also feed SEO information to targeting algorithms about the topic of your video, so make sure you include relevant keywords in your description and title.

In addition to keeping your copy relevant, remember that not all titles are created equal. Some are simply catchier than others.

In 2017, Wochit studied over 33,000 Facebook videos and found that certain phrases in titles got way more video views than others. Therefore, you might want to consider incorporating some popular phrases and keywords when creating and publishing your next video.

Ultimately, the most important factor in improving your video view times is generating curiosity with your title and description.


Measure More Than Views

It may seem like the most important video metric should be the number of views, however if you’re looking for marketing success, you should be measuring more than just view counts. For example, it is essential to look at metrics that show how engaged your audience is, and what pipeline contributions your videos are offering. Tracking these advanced metrics will allow you to see more than 2x the ROI.


Keep It Simple

If you want to get your message across clearly, you shouldn’t overwhelm your viewers with too much information. Your goal should be clarity and you should avoid too many irrelevant messages. You want to communicate a couple of simple ideas in ways that viewers will easily understand and remember. Think of these during the planning phase of your video campaign.


Final Thoughts

Experts say that by 2020 video will comprise more than 80% of global internet traffic. So if you’re looking for marketing success, video creation can no longer be ignored – it is the future of content marketing. By creating simple, clear stories supported by your knowledge of your target audience, you will get the most from video marketing.

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Best Video Marketing Tips in 2019