Getting Business Noticed on Social Media

5 Tips for Getting Your Business Noticed on Social Media

At a recent Sales Peer to Peer at Innovation Factory in Hamilton, digital media advisor David Hills, presented on the topic of becoming more findable and increasing your social media engagement. Below, I’ve summarized some key point from his presentation and added some links to relevant resources.


1. Utilize your Google “My Business” listing

Google My Business is the free listing service that appears in all Google products. It allows you to take charge of how your business is displayed throughout all of Google’s products and platforms, including its search engine results pages (SERPs), reviews, and instant content. With the demise of Google+ you’re now also able to post articles and videos directly to your “My Business” listing. While in the past you needed a confirmed physical address to use this function, this is no longer the case. Be sure to grab some of the best real estate available on the internet, without it costing you a cent!

2. Become a LinkedIn All Star

By setting up your profile page, completing all sections, and posting regularly you will soon be acknowledged by LinkedIn as an “All Star”. But what’s more important than what LinkedIn thinks of you, is how your network engages with you.
Some tips for engaging posts include:

  • Use video whenever you can, even if its only a fifteen-second clip.
  • Tag relevant people in your posts to catch their attention and leverage their network.
  • Use hashtags whenever you are discussing a specific topic or geographic area.
  • Show your network some love, remembering that sharing a post has a lot more impact than simply liking it.
  • Establish a company page, and create and share industry specific and relevant posts that are in line with your branding

For more tips on using LinkedIn for selling, check out our blog post.

3. Start doing business on Facebook

While Facebook is a more personal network than LinkedIn, most companies will still benefit from a Facebook Business Page. Your analytics will be more robust using a Business Page, including in-depth video view information. Be sure to have a look at your page insights before you make any decisions regarding the use of Ad Manager or Page boosts.
Like LinkedIn, Facebook’s algorithms value sharing much more than likes when deciding how far and wide to share your content. While you may be tempted to ask for shares and likes, Facebook will bury posts that go fishing for them, so get creative when you’re asking people to share the love.

4. Twitter is not Dead

While some people may have their doubts, 336 million monthly active users can’t be wrong. Twitter is still a force and has some added benefits for startups and small businesses. Unlike Facebook, each tweet becomes a separate URL, so it can help you with search engine results. If you tweet regularly and your tweets generate actions, likes, and retweets, Google can rank them quite high in search results.
When tweeting, be sure to leverage hashtags, include a photo or video whenever possible, and make sure your text complements your media.
Twitter is monitored by news organizations. Through social listening and engaging with traditional media outlets David was able to generate over $100,000 worth of media coverage for a client at no cost. Be sure to engage in active listening yourself, and engage local media.

5. Video is Gold

Paraphrasing David’s three suggestions for increasing engagement on any social media platform: “Video, Video, Video”. The Gold for social media content is a testimonial video, but you can also consider tips, how-to videos, and addressing common questions about your business.
Some further suggestions regarding video:

  • Be sure to tailor the message to the platform. What works on Twitter won’t necessarily work on Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Video length can vary, but must be front loaded for most styles.
  • Even on business or brand pages you can allow your personality to show through, just keep it in line with your brand.
  • Since 90% of video is viewed without audio, consider captioning your videos.
  • For higher quality audio, invest in a portable microphone that attaches directly to your smartphone.

You can contact David Hills via email, through his website, follow him on twitter, and connect on LinkedIn.
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5 Tips for Getting Your Business Noticed on Social Media