How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page [Video]

Whether your business already has a presence on Facebook or you are considering creating a profile, it’s important to do it properly.

Like your website, your Facebook business page is an extension of your business. It’s important that you take the time to properly optimize this page to reflect your business offerings and attract potential customers or clients.

We recommend that you only create a Facebook page if it is a right fit for your business. If your targeted audience isn’t on Facebook or if you don’t have the time to regularly update the page, do not create a Facebook business page. It could reflect badly on your business.

Here is how to optimize your Facebook business page:

Profile Image

Your profile image should be high resolution and eye catching. Your business logo is a good option.

Cover Photo

Like your profile image, ensure that your cover photo is high resolution and eye catching. If you have a promotion taking place this would be a great place to highlight your offering. You may want to update this image regularly, for example, once a month. This is an easy way to change up the look of your page.

Contact Info

Include your business address, phone number and a link to your website. This allows potential customers to get in touch with you, easily.

Post Regularly

Post regularly to your Facebook page to entice people to visit your page often. It’s important to post content that is interesting and is relevant to your targeted audience. This content can include images, videos or you can even pose questions to encourage dialogue.


Make all of your social profiles visually cohesive across all platforms so that they are easily recognizable.

Now that your Facebook page is optimized, it’s time to create a social media plan! Check out our infographic for guidance.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page [Video]