Cold Email Best Practices

Cold email is a big part of our part-time sales rep offering. It is an essential part of our sales cadence with the goal of booking a discovery call.  We will mix in calls and often social media messaging into the sales cadence.  Here are the important things to consider as you build out your cold email strategy.

Main Components

There are a few main components that we believe make a good email.

  • Keep it concise
  • Use some personalization like the contacts name and organization name
  • Think of a subject line that will get opened, but is not click bait. You may want to use the benefits you are providing or problems they have
  • Introduce yourself and the company. Take a couple sentences to explain what the company does.
  • Highlight the benefits for the contact/company
  • Build trust by referring to other companies they may know or your experience
  • Have a call to action. Most of the time we are trying to book a discovery call
  • Have one or two links in the email
  • Avoid graphics or attachments as they could lead to the email getting flagged as spam

Email Sequence

We like to have a 3 or 4 email sequence.  The last email should be the break-up email. It indicates that if they are not the right person, could they let you know who the right person is. The middle emails are a variation of the email described in the main components section. You can change up the benefits, add customer success stories, or highlight the problems you are helping with. The emails should be spaced out by about 5 to 7 business days. This also gives you the chance to make calls between the emails.

Using a CRM

The emails should be sent through your CRM.  You could use templates and manually send them out. Your CRM may have a sequence feature that lets you schedule your multiple emails over time. You can also use a mass email feature or email marketing engine. The CRM will show you opens, clicks, and bounces. These are important sales triggers.

If you would like to talk about your cold email and sales cadence please connect with me.

Cold Email Best Practices