4 Communication Strategies for Startup Sales Teams [Video]

startup salesCommunication is key in all roles of business. This is especially true when interacting with sales professionals, both reps and managers. However, communicating with sales people is often very different from how you would manage other team members.

In this video blog post, we discuss 4 ways to communicate with your startup sales team.

1. Management by Walking Around

This is simply walking around to listen to how the sales team are talking on the phone to their clients, and how they interact with their peers and team members.

2. Joint Calls/Meetings

The purpose of participating in joint sales calls or meetings isn’t to take over your sales rep’s call, but to observe to how they conduct themselves. This gives you the opportunity to provide feedback after the call, such as on what they did well and to suggest areas they could work on next time.

3. Team Meetings

For sales teams of over two people, having regular team meetings can build camaraderie. Have everyone share their successes, stories and lessons they’ve learned. Team meetings should be held once or twice a month.

4. Individual Meetings

One-on-one meetings are essential and should be scheduled in addition to team meetings. Use individual meetings to review the sales funnel and understand where opportunities are. In addition to going over sales activities, this meeting can be used to make discuss plans for personal development and gives the sales rep an opportunity to bring up questions or concerns.

Are there any other communication tips you would add to our list? Let us know!

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4 Communication Strategies for Startup Sales Teams [Video]