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Email Marketing Tactics to Adopt Today

As more and more businesses shift their focus to online, it is important to prioritize your subscribers, and by adopting these email marketing tactics you can connect with your most valuable audience in a way that adds value to your business.

Design with Mobile In Mind 

More and more people are using their phones to check and read emails, in fact by 2020 81% of emails are now read on mobile devices. With stats like this, it is proof that your email design needs to display properly on mobile devices, otherwise you risk having your email deleted in a matter of seconds. The good news is that most CRM platforms like HubSpot have features that allow you to check the mobile viewing before you send. 

Adopt Segmentation 

Email can be used to communicate various messages, but it is important to send the right emails to the right audience. By segmenting your list, you can ensure that you are being strategic with your message by connecting with the audience in which it is most relevant. For example, you can segment your mailing list in various ways such as by demographics, engagement, stage of customer journey and source (where the subscriber provided their contact information). Perhaps you have an offer for a specific demographic, an audience segment based on demographic can help you target the right audience and drive results. 

Try A/B Testing 

An A/B test can help you gain more insight into your subscribers, and what they want out of your e-mail communication. Through an A/B test, you can test subject lines, e-mail copy, layout and call to action and see which performs better in terms of engagement. By making small adjustments you can drill down to understand what exactly your audience wants to see in your emails. 

Make it Personal 

Deliver what your audience wants, and in the way they want it. By adding personalization to your emails such as personalized subject lines and greetings, or even birthday emails can generate, personalization can help you gain higher engagement. Use the data that you have available to you to determine how you can add personalization into your email campaigns. Your website and social media platforms can give you the insight you need to understand what content your audience is engaging with the most, or add additional fields to your contact form that can help you add more personalization to your emails. 

Tell A Story 

Storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience, it is engaging and memorable content that can improve your marketing results. Examples of storytelling include sharing success stories, sharing insight into a new product or service and how it came to be, or sharing a customer’s problem and how your product or service helped solve their problem. 

Find the Right Time

It can take a couple of A/B tests to find the right time that works best for your business to send an email. However, there are a few general rules which include sending emails out during the day, on a weekday (with the exception of Monday’s), and sending mid-week. Use the data you have available to you to determine the best time. As the world of B2B continues to grow in the digital space, it is important to bring your audience closer and connect with them in a way that is valuable to them, ultimately help you scale your business, and you can start with an email. If you are looking for additional marketing support, connect with us today.

Email Marketing Tactics to Adopt Today