Evergreen Content Examples

Evergreen Content Examples to Boost Google Rankings

Evergreen content is not a new concept, it’s just a fancy term for articles that stay useful and relevant to readers for long periods of time. Its name is derived from trees whose foliage stay green throughout the year. Same goes for this type of content, it doesn’t get outdated for months or even years.

Most evergreen content stays that way because it addresses perennial pain points experienced by your target audience. They offer advice or insights on issues or challenges that many business owners or professionals encounter in their industry. Because a sizeable number of readers will be searching for information on the same recurring topics, your blog will continue to gain traffic if you have planned your SEO keywords correctly. Here are a few evergreen content examples that you can start creating:

How-to Articles

Popular evergreen content examples are comprehensive how-to guides that help your reader visualize the step-by-step process towards achieving their goals or objectives. Make sure that your articles is well researched and provide accurate information. It should be well structured so as not to overwhelm your audience. Use visual cues to make it more scannable. Adding a “table of contents” can give readers a quick overview and provide them a general idea of what topics are included in the piece.


Checklists are powerful tools. They are necessary in many industries to ensure the quality of work is maintained at a certain standard. To err is human and checklists help business owners or professionals avoid costly mistakes. Remember to keep the wordings simple and free of technical jargon. You can use free tools to turn your checklists into infographics to make it more eye-catching and easily shareable. Whether you are tackling ways to improve quality of products or services, improve safety, or increase your prospect’s bottom line, checklists are one of the best evergreen content examples to leverage.

Case Studies

Case studies are written to highlight how your company provided a solution to a customer’s business challenge. If you are a new company, a case study helps you show that your company is reliable and lowers the buyer’s perceived risk of going with an untested supplier. If you can prove that your solution worked for another company, especially if they are a well-established brand, this can be a big boon to your business. Thus, a well written case study can add credibility to your brand while providing your audience valuable insights for years to come. If you can highlight quantitative data behind your stories, this can further boost your position as a leader or authority in your field. Writing case studies takes a lot of work. While aiming to be educational and factual, the challenge is to write a compelling story that will not only engage the reader intellectually but also evoke their emotions. This will make your case study more memorable and your efforts will pay off in the future.

When done in conjunction with a good SEO plan, evergreen content can be marketing gold for many months and years to come. But as enduring as evergreen content usually is, it doesn’t hurt to revisit and update old posts to keep your content fresh.

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