How to Have Great Engagement on Twitter

At VA Partners, we use Twitter for sharing our own content including blog posts, white papers and newsletters, as well as great third party content. We monitor our Twitter channel regularly and post multiple times, daily. Twitter is a useful tool for connecting with others. The Twitter’s Analytics tool is also a great way to see how you are reaching your audience. Here are some ways that you too can have great engagement on Twitter.

Use a Social Media Management Tool

HootSuite is a great tool for staying organized and monitoring your activity on Twitter. We use HootSuite primarily to schedule our tweets, monitor our followers and keep track of who is interacting with our channel. If you haven’t used HootSuite in the past you should definitely give it a try. The best part is that it is free!


Monitor Your Followers

One of the first things we do when we login to HootSuite everyday is check to see if we have new followers. After looking at a few of their most recent posts, we decide if we should follow them back. Usually we check to see if they post content that we find interesting and useful. It’s also a good practice to thank these individuals for following you.


Monitor Your Mentions

We have a number of lists on our dashboard to easily monitor Twitter interactions. We suggest creating a list that monitors your mentions. This is a great way to keep track of who is interacting with your posts. If someone shares your content send them a quick message to say thanks.


Monitor Your Retweets

Just like the mentions list, create a retweets list to your HootSuite dashboard so you can easily see who is sharing your posts. This is a great way to discover new people or businesses to interact with.


Give Credit Where Credit is Due

When sharing third party content, make sure to include the Twitter handle (@TwitterName) of the person who created it. It will help you get found by others and establish positive relationships. Who knows, they might even start following you and sharing your content.

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Do you have any tips on how to use Twitter effectively? If so, leave a comment below. If you are looking for great Sales and Marketing advice make sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

How to Have Great Engagement on Twitter