Employee Social Sharing is a Big Opportunity For B2B Sales

One of the biggest opportunities that is getting missed by many organizations is leveraging their employees social sharing capabilities to help drive B2B sales. This is extremely effective for professional services firms, but can help a number of different types of B2B focused organizations. Everyday your organizations employees are having interactions and connections with your customers, business partners, and prospects. A few posts on Linkedin or Twitter can help reinforce subject matter expertise, keep top of mind, and is a great way to get people back to your website. There are a few things that you need to have to make it work well for you team.

Benefit for the Organization

Employees should not be mandated or coerced into leveraging social media. It should be explained to them how social media can benefit the organization. You can even consider rewarding them for sharing information.

Identify the Team Members

The biggest focus for the internal campaign should be done with your employees in sales, marketing, customer service, consulting, and support. These are the people that would have the connections through their social channels.


It may also be necessary to provide some training to the team. This could include how to post or share the content through the native Linkedin or Twitter app, or another tool like Hootsuite. The training could also include tips on how to make connections and gain followers.

Great Content

If your company does not create or share great third party content, then your employees will not likely feel comfortable sharing it. Creating content that helps to educate and inform versus selling is key. Write content and blogs that people want to read.

Make it Easy

You can create processes or use tools that make it easy for your team to know what and when to share. If you have a larger team you could use a tool like PostBeyond that formats posts and allows them to be posted with a click of a button from an email. The low tech method also works where you can have the team share posts directly from Linkedin or Twitter.

If you are interested in understanding how you can create an inbound lead generation plan that leverages your employees social reach please contact me.