Importance of Blogging in Marketing

Blogging in marketing is a tactic that helps push and support business growth. Blogs are semi-formal written pieces that show expertise and thought leadership in a specific field or topic. Blogs are a good way to create content on a site and work in tandem with email marketing, social media etc. to improve and drive traffic to your site.

Acquiring organic traffic is one of the challenges that marketers face in today’s marketing climate. Despite the daily growing size of communities on the internet, fighting for user interest has never been more aggressive.

Gone are the days when individuals only blogged to express opinions on certain topics. With digital marketing more prevalent than ever, business blogs are a key tool to grow your business and expand reach. Marketers that utilize blogging in marketing get 67% more leads than those that do not. No matter the size of your company, blogging and effective B2B storytelling should be an integral part of your online content strategy.

Here are a few reasons why:

Low cost investment

Starting a blog requires little to no capital at all. If your company already has a functioning website, it is as simple as creating an extra page. Writing can be shared amongst team members with interests and expertise in different sectors. For example, here at VA partners, our blogs are curated by different team members who operate in different tiers of the marketing field.

Initially, a few things can be done from the start to ensure that you’re set up correctly and are running a stylistically good and visually pleasing page. For example; a good logo, paid/custom themes that help you stand out visually and a social scheduling software. These really are the only few small website expenses that may be necessary from the start.

Impact SEO & drive traffic

Simply put, blogs increase your search engine optimization. The ultimate goal of blogging in marketing is to drive as much traffic to your site as possible. Search engine is designed to provide the latest and most valuable content to searchers.

The more content your site generates, the more pages search engines have to crawl and index. By creating more content that utilizes your company’s core keywords, you are slowly but surely improving your visibility on search engine result pages (SERP). Doing this on a constant basis translates to search engines that your site is an active site that is constantly being monitored and updated.

Posting a blog on your site should not be the end of it. It is important that you then share this to all existing social media platforms. This helps to leverage existing audience, improve your reach, and drive new organic visitors to your site.

Becoming an industry expert & improving audience engagement

No matter the size of your company/business, you can build a reputation as a knowledgeable and important voice in your industry. Blogging in marketing helps build credibility and trust between you and your audience. It inherently shows that you are not just focused on selling a product but educating, informing and contributing to the discussions in the specific industry.

The goal is to become the “go to” source for your industry related insights, discussions and topics. Your clientele benefits from the tools and insights you provide.

Positives in the long run with consistency and diligence are; trust, improved conversion rates, industry credibility and a chance to compete with some of your industry’s giants.

Subsequently, you can use blogs as a tool to collect information, feedback and thoughts on both the industry and the products you offer and provide. Do not shy away from asking direct questions and engage with your audience. Utilize the comment section. Engaging in conversations and answering specific questions directly humanizes the company.

Lead generation & conversion

Leveraging your blog posts to generate leads is another key benefit. Attracting new visitors to your site creates new opportunities for lead generation.

It is important to have a section that focuses on featured blog posts, recent posts to help engage the on-page audience. Having visible access to that reinforces the continued trust you are building as an industry expert.

This is where Call-To-Action buttons come in. CTA’s are important to direct traffic through the rest of your site, and subsequently convert these users to customers. You can request emails from interested leads to subscribe to your blogs or e-newsletter. These are some marketing tactics that will come in handy in the future to facilitate customer conversion.

To conclude, if you are driven to grow your online community and establish your company as an industry expert in your field, blogging in marketing should be added to your future marketing tactics.

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Importance of Blogging in Marketing