VA Partners: Sales and Marketing Training Grant

Are you a growing B2B company looking to train your sales reps and managers? Are you interested in receiving a sales and marketing training grant? VA Partners has been working with startups and growing companies since 2006. Our team has also provided training to companies across Ontario, directly and through partner organizations such as University of Toronto, Ontario Centre of Excellence, Innovation Factory, RIC Centre, and Brock University. This post will outline elements of our training program, as well as a unique training grant program to subsidize up to 83% of the cost.

Skills Development

The benefits of a well-trained sales team include heightened accountability, higher close rates, more sales reps meeting quotas, better alignment of solutions with customer needs and lower sales force turnover. Our Fast Start Sales and Marketing Training program helps team achieve these outcomes, developing concrete skills in a number of areas:

• Account and Contact Research: tools, systems and processes for identifying and researching prospects.
• CRM Orientation: creating accounts and contacts, building out marketing automation and identifying sales triggers.
• Sales Cadence: sales sequences, call/email scripts, and calls-to-action.
Cold Calls and Meetings: creating a value proposition, handling objections, role playing and closing.
• Account Planning: account management, growing opportunities, international sales, and leveraging success.
• Marketing for Sales: content development, SEO, social media, LinkedIn, paid ads and email marketing.

Phased Approach

Through our training programs, these skills are developed through a phased approach:

• Planning for the Sales Fast Start training: information is collected from the company’s leadership team and sales reps.
• Introduction and Roll-out: the engagement begins with a kick-off meeting, team activities and individual time with each sales rep.
• Weekly Actions: remote weekly training is provided, with both team and individual sales coaching provided.
• Wrap up Training Event: A final session can take place remotely or in person to consolidate take-aways, work on identified challenges and develop a self-learning plan to move forward with.

Training Subsidy

VA Partners can help your company subsidize training costs by guiding you through the application process for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG). The training grant provides direct financial support to individual employers who wish to purchase training for their workforce. For companies with less than 100 employees, the government will cover up to 83% of training costs. Your company must employ the training participants, have adequate 3rd-party liability insurance, and be licensed to operate in Ontario.

Funding Steps

VA Partners will assist with the training grant application and all government due diligence until the grant is approved. Once approved, the majority of funds are released upon proof of payment to VA Partners, with a small portion held back until training is completed.

To find out more about training opportunities for your company contact Randy Hendriks via email or phone: 289 214 1133

VA Partners: Sales and Marketing Training Grant