6 Ways to Get Inbound Leads From Your Company Website

Innovation FactoryOne of the best sales and marketing tactics that a growing firm can use today is inbound lead generation.

This is a tactic that works for both B2C and B2B organizations. At the centre of this strategy is your website. We have found that WordPress is an excellent CMS to assist with inbound lead generation.

1. Contact us form

Forms are great as they can collect a little more information than an email. You could include fields for a company name, first and last name, and even create options for why they are contacting you. These forms can be directly connected to your CRM.

2. Direct email

People may not like a form or may want to email a specific member of your team. Give them this option by listing individual team member’s emails on your website. We find that some of the best inbound leads we get are through direct email.

3. Phone number

People still do use their phones for calls, not just texting or apps. Some of the better leads that we get have been through the phone. It takes an additional level of commitment to make a phone call. Just because you may not like to use the phone, does not mean that your prospects or customers don’t.

4. Follow on social

Social media is a great way for a prospect to get to know you and your company. Make it easy for them to follow-up or connect through different platforms and with different team members. This means have social media buttons through-out your site. At VA Partners we have had many inbound leads start with an social media exchange.

5. Digital Asset Download

White papers, ebooks, templates, and other value-added documents can be downloadable assets. In exchange for the document, the prospect or client provides their email address and/or other basic information such as their name and company. Asking additional questions on the download form can also provide some excellent intelligence about what area of their business they may need help with.

6. Email Newsletter Sign-Up

A great email newsletter informs; it doesn’t just sell. For prospects, it can be a great way to get information on a regular basis. For the B2B company creating the newsletter, it is an excellent sales and marketing tool. Not only can you stay top of mind, you can get great prospecting information on your subscribers’ opens, click-throughs, and bounces.

We use all the methods listed above to generate inbound leads This has lead to VA Partners generating 50 to 70 inbound leads a month. By giving prospects a number of different opportunities to connect with your business, you’ll find more leads will start coming to you.

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6 Ways to Get Inbound Leads From Your Company Website