5 Tips for Developing a Great Website Copywriting Marketing Strategy

writingYour company’s website is perhaps the most important component of your marketing strategy. It is the central location, or hub, where your company is able to communicate freely with your target audience. Therefore, it is crucial that the messages presented on your website correctly reflect the positioning and values of your company through sound copywriting.

Here are some areas of your website that should be addressed when developing and implementing a copywriting strategy.

Web Page Titles

For SEO purposes, keep it simple when developing web page titles. Search engines are more likely to pick up straight forward titles. For example, name your blog “Blog” instead of something like “Our News”, which may not get picked up as a blog. As well, try and incorporate relevant keywords into content titles whenever possible and keep your URLs as short as possible.


Drill down to the core purpose of the website you are creating. What kinds of information will it contain? What high level messages will your readers take away after visiting your webpage? Once you have established the fundamental purpose of your website, you will be able to create content that best mirrors it. It’s important to note that as your startup develops the purpose of your site should evolve in turn.


Develop a set of great keywords that you will use throughout the various pages of your website. These words should include descriptions of the services you provide, your geographic location, and the industry you are in. For example, a common VA Partners keyword is “Marketing Strategy”. Be consistent in using these keywords to create better flow on your website and to help you create more focused content.


Embrace your purpose and your keywords to create content that is consistent with your company’s values, beliefs, and strategic positioning. Keep in mind that a simple web page is not a final destination, so include a clear call to action or next step within your content. A good example of this would be directing readers to contact a team member for more information or highlighting a downloadable brochure with more information.


Choose images that are complimentary to the content in your website. Using attention grabbing images will add an extra dimension to your website and will increase your audience’s level of interest. Think about how you can incorporate images in a creative way such as with infographics or images of team members.

Ultimately, it’s vitally important to place an emphasis on developing and maintaining a dynamite website copywriting strategy, as your site is a gateway to potential customers and a key cog of your marketing strategy. Try using this template to make sure that the necessary parts of your website are in place. For more tips on copywriting and how to utilize other marketing tools such as newsletters or social media platforms, download our free B2B resources and white papers.

5 Tips for Developing a Great Website Copywriting Marketing Strategy