An Overview of the New Twitter Analytics Dashboard

Twitter Analytics - FollowersLast week, Twitter opened the new analytics dashboard to all Twitter accounts. Now, users can easily access basic analytics on their tweets such as the number of impressions, clicks, favorites and retweets without the need for a third party tool.

These analytics will be useful for finding patterns in the tweets that get the most engagement, such as the best time to tweet, the content, the tone it’s written in, or the use of hashtags.

Tweet Activity

Twitter Analytics - Tweets

The top of the dashboard provides an at-a-glance report on the number of impressions over the past 28 days and the impressions by day for each tweet. The sidebar also displays a 28 days summary of your account’s overall engagement rate, clicks, retweets, favourites and replies.

In the body of the dashboard, the number of impressions and engagements (e.g. clicks, replies, favourites) are shown by individual tweets. The tweets are displayed in reverse chronically order and unfortunately there’s no way to jump to the tweets for a specific day except by continuing to scroll down. Luckily, there’s an Export Data button at the top right that allows you to download all the analytics by tweet in a .csv file


Twitter Analytics - Followers

The Followers dashboard displays the growth of followers over the last two years. There are also summaries of your follower demographics by:

  • Interests
  • Country and city
  • Gender

You also get a bonus of seeing who else your followers follow on Twitter. This feature is helpful in getting a view of your larger Twitter network and the potential range of your tweets.

Twitter Cards/Ads

If you have Twitter Cards enabled or use Twitter Ads, you can also get to those dashboards from the menu too.

With the new Twitter Analytics dashboard, people will now be able to look for patterns among their updates. For example, the content of the tweets that get retweeted, clicked or favourited the most; or the performance of image, video vs. text tweets.

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An Overview of the New Twitter Analytics Dashboard