Outbound Sales Tools

For sales reps part of their success are the outbound sales tools that effectively help you communicate with prospects. Today we will be exploring outbound sales tools I have found that are essential to my outbound efforts. 

CRM tools for Outbound Sales

When it comes to outbound sales tools your first step will be choosing a CRM that works best for you. Most of the time you will be using the CRM system used by your company. While CRM systems work in similar ways in terms of acting to track customer information there can be differences in how they operate. HubSpot is the CRM system that we use and we are a Hubspot partner. The main benefit of HubSpot is that you can use it for free which is great especially if you are working for a start up company. The free version of HubSpot provides you with the use of email templates, sales tracking data for your prospects and ways to create and manage your sales pipeline and much more. HubSpot is very user friendly and even has training videos available for any HubSpot user through the HubSpot academy.

Most CRMs today will have an email integration option, this allows you to send emails right from the CRM platform to your prospects. HubSpot takes this one step further as it can show you which prospects are opening or viewing the content you send in those emails. This allows you to easily monitor who is interacting frequently with your content, which then allows you to focus more attention to these prospects. HubSpot does offer some marketing automation features even in the free version, but the full range of services are offered in the paid version. 

Outbound Tools for Research 

LinkedIn sales navigator is a tool we use daily to research prospects based on specific buyer personas. The standard version of LinkedIn is free to use however, that version will not have access to the advanced search filters navigator will have. Even though sales navigator will cost you money, the expense will be a wise investment as it will help you leverage LinkedIns full network more effectively. Sales navigator will allow you to leverage more advanced search filters for your searches for example, you will be able to fine tune your search towards a specific industry or in a more targeted geographic area. You can add further levels of refining your search by filtering using a company’s headcount, job title, or keywords in a profile, which can be used to generate lists of prospects quickly. 

Outbound Tools for Automation 

Mailshake allows you to automate your cold outreach to prospects via personalized messages through email. The main benefit of this is saving you time by automating repetitive tasks, such as sending emails to a high number of prospects. Creating an email template allows you to consistently send the same message to more prospects in a fraction of the time. You will be able to track opens, clicks, replies and more through Mailshake directly. You will be able to set conditions about when a prospect should be considered a lead. This can be a specific number of opens, clicks, or replies to your email. Once you have run your campaign and now have your list of leads, you can focus your attention on these leads for more direct outreach such as direct phone calls.  

Email Verification

Hunter.io is a tool that allows you to determine a company’s email format. So in theory, if you had the name of the representative you wanted to contact, you should be able to have their actual work email address. Remember these key guidelines to consider when sending out cold emails to prospects. When searching for email formats for clients, you want to ensure you have the correct format. Once you have the domain name of the email address, check that the domain is associated with the company you wish to research. An easy way to confirm is to copy the domain name and paste it into your internet browser’s search bar. If it takes you to that company’s official website, then you are on the right track. Many email verification tools can be integrated with LinkedIn directly one example is a tool called Wiza. This tool will allow you to export any search into an email list with accurate contact information and connect with them directly. With the free version of Wiza you will be given monthly credits you can use to verify emails.

Remember the goal of outbound sales tools is to ensure you are effectively communicating with your prospects.

If you need help with search for outbound sales tools you can reach out to me.

Outbound Sales Tools