How to Move From Field Sales to Remote Selling

Moving your sales team to remote selling has been a strategy many businesses have had to implement since the beginning of the pandemic. Even before the pandemic customers were becoming more comfortable with purchasing remotely, Technology and tools for sales reps have improved to help keep reps as productive as they would be in an office setting. Today, we will explore how to move from field sales to remote selling.

Important factors at play in remote selling

Important factors that should be considered when you are moving your sales process online should include the following: adopting the right mindset, understanding your buyers, and considering a hybrid model. When thinking of the face-to-face traditional sales rep, the common advantages thought of include their ability to meet with the customer, manage expectations, serve as the central point of contact and be the eyes and ears of the customer. More importantly, the rep can build rapport and connect with executives. The truth is all these steps can be completed by a remote sales rep with the tools and technology that are available today. Popular tools for remote selling include A CRM system, meeting schedule software, email management tools, video conferencing and e-signature tools. We will explore these tools in more depth later. A hybrid sales model could be a good idea if you find it difficult to move your entire sales process online. In this model, part of your sales process is done remotely and different parts of the process are in person.  

Tools your remote sales team need to succeed 

The importance of tools in remote selling often help the success rate of reps. Top salespeople are 24% more likely to attribute their success to sales technology, 82% of top sales people cite sales tools as critical to their ability to close deals. Consider this article for more tips to help with productivity while working remotely. A CRM system is the most important tool for a remote sales rep. CRM allows you to track every prospect through the buyer’s journey. CRM will also help you automate certain day-to-day tasks which could include entering data, setting up personal email sequences, logging all customer interactions and more. Email software tools can offer more detailed information about when a recipient opens your email. Some tools also offer reporting how often recipients open your email messages. Instant messaging tools can be useful since email can be more time consuming and helps eliminate the back and forth among reps or stakeholders. For tips on remote working consider this article.

Skills every remote sales rep need to master 

Field reps depend on building relationships, engaging in person, establishing trust and reading body language. Remote selling, in comparison, depends on product knowledge, time management, strategic prospecting, and virtual demonstrations. The first skill remote reps need to focus on is adjusting communication to build rapport online. The first rule in remote selling is to deliver communication in bite sized chunks instead of all information given at once. You will need to research the prospects you wish to engage with ahead of time before you begin your outreach. Some common misconceptions about remote selling include reps productivity will decrease, reps wont be as available, and reps will not prioritize their work. The truth is remote selling allows reps to have more time available to focus on selling and this is due to such factors as no travel commute times to and from an office and a more static and controlled working environment. Remote reps often can create and manage more opportunities at one time. Creating tasks allows your reps to follow up with prospects at the appropriate time while also taking detailed notes of customer interactions. When you conduct a meeting with any prospect you need to identify the next steps with the prospect that will further help to qualify the deal through your pipeline. You should never conclude a meeting without the next steps or expectations being established. For more tips on working remotely consider this article.

Remember the key to remote selling transition is always have ways to communicate. If you need help with your sales process, you can always reach out to me for a conversation.

How to Move From Field Sales to Remote Selling