The Value Proposition in B2B Sales

value proposition in B2B sales
I had a conversation with a startup sales rep recently about his company’s go-to market strategy. He was discussing how they were focusing on a technology sales versus one based on benefits. This sentiment with startups is still very prevalent; organizations still often focus on features and functions instead of benefits far too often.

We do talk about value propositions a lot within our blog, because it is such an important part of the sales cycle. The key to a good value proposition in B2B sales is focusing on benefits for the customer. If you are talking benefits for B2B sales you should focus on the following value proposition for B2B sales.

Increasing Revenue

Growing sales is one of the goals for almost every business. This is often one of the most difficult benefits to quantify for customers.

Decrease Costs and Expenses

This is top of mind for many key contacts within organizations. This is often much easier to identify and quantify than many of the other benefits.

Improve Productivity

This can apply to both people and equipment. Making the organization more productive means growth without extra costs.

Avoiding Something Bad

This category is a catch-all for many things that could affect the company or key members within the leadership team. It could include things like bad PR, regulatory problems, or legal issues.

The value proposition will changed depending on the business and contact within that organization. A sales and marketing leader is likely to be interested in growing revenue while a CFO would likely be most interested in decreasing cost and expenses. The best value proposition has some examples of quantifiable benefits. These are not always easy to find, but they can be determined. I will be writing a future blog with some tips.

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The Value Proposition in B2B Sales