Writing Emails: Improving B2B Conversions

B2B selling is all about outreach. It is the key to improving your conversion rates. This blog reviews and provides samples of winning outbound emails that drive better B2B conversions. 

The goal of a winning email is to get the attention of the reader.  A few key points to include when writing a winning email are:

  • Personalize it
  • Catchy subject line – less than 70 characters
  • Body of email less than 150 to 200 words
  • Quantitative benefits
  • Qualitative benefits
  • Ask a question

Here are some sample emails below that are winners and meet the criteria of emails with high B2B conversions:

Sample Email 1:

Subject Line: Reduce your Academic Journal spend by 50%+

Hi {{ contact first name }}​,

Our Research is a not-for profit that was established 8 years ago with the mandate of driving greater Open Access in academic research.

Is there an interest in looking at a solution to help you / your members drive academic journal subscription savings of 50% or more annually?

Our solution, Unsub, is used by hundreds of Universities, University Consortia and organizations around the world to help them right size their academic journal subscriptions to publishers like Elesevier, Wiley, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis etc…The solution helps forecast, explore and optimize costs and fulfillment requirements. As an example , SUNY (State University of New York) utilized Unsub to help them drive $7 million in savings per year. See a great article here on Unsub in Science magazine.

If you felt there was a potential benefit to you and your members, I would be happy to have a call to discuss further.

Sample Email 2:

Subject Line:

Hi {{ contact first name }}​,

I work for StrategicFront, a digital technology consulting firm based in Toronto & New York City. We specialize in digital strategy & transformation, project leadership and business design services.

Over the last 7 years we have built up a great list of referenceable clients in the financial and banking sectors including TD Bank, CIBC and Deloitte.
Whether you are looking to mobilize into additional channels, manage data and reporting for regulatory needs or automate back office operations, we can help.

Successful project examples include:

  • Assisting the PMO team at a large international bank in managing a variety of regulatory compliance projects that mitigated risk and reduced PMO budget by 5%
  • Establishing a program to leverage AI and data initiatives that are cross LOB that reduced compliance errors by 8%

Do you have any digital transformation needs at your organization? If so, we would welcome the chance to talk to you.

However oddly, this next email does not meet all the check marks but from my experience has one of the best response rates.

Sample Email 3:

Subject Line: Are You Looking for Rental Vehicles at Affordable and Flexible Rates?

Hi {{ contact first name }},

Thomas Solutions offers you a rental program that can help your company optimize your profit and cash flow by allowing flexibility in managing your fleet. We will build a solution around your needs without requiring long-term commitments. We can also support you when your vehicles are off the road for any unforeseen reason or simply need to increase your capacity at peak periods. We have been in business for over 40 years and provides rental, no-term leasing and fleet management services for a number of Ontario’s largest and most demanding customers.

The key benefits that Thomas Solutions provide include:

• Provision of rental and no-term lease solutions – ensuring you are able to tie your asset utilization and cash flow to seasonal or project demands

• No money down or capital outlay required – use your capital for investments that yield a higher Internal Rate of Return

• Cost certainty – one monthly price for the vehicle and it includes all scheduled maintenance including tire wear

• Ability to customize the vehicle as needed  – we will install power tailgates, bed liners, tool boxes, lighting, signage, racking, tonneau covers, lift-gates

• Trailering is allowed – we are comfortable with you utilizing trailers on the units, provided it meets all provincial and federal safety standards

• No hassle vehicle return when no longer needed – scale up or down as your business demands

• The understanding that it is a “work truck” and scratches, dents and dings will happen – you will not be penalized for this

• Ontario wide coverage – ability to provide and service vehicles across Ontario (and nationally) through our growing network of service providers

If you are interested in renting our vehicles, I would welcome the chance to speak with you.

I hope the above email examples were helpful.  Good luck with your prospecting and B2B conversions. If you’re looking for outsourced sales and marketing assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For great insight into startup sales and marketing, feel free to sign up for our newsletter (https://www.vapartners.ca/about-us/newsletter/) or follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/vapartners).

Writing Emails: Improving B2B Conversions