Fractional VP of Sales

A Fractional VP of Sales may be a great part-time resource for your growing company. Are you an entrepreneur who is ready to hire salespeople or grow your sales team? If you don’t have a background in sales leadership, or don’t have the time needed to dedicate to getting ready and managing your new sales team, a Fractional VP of Sales can help with the following sales related growth:

Setting the right targets

A Fractional VP of Sales can incorporate the right high-level sales targets like revenue and customer acquisition. The goals should also include supporting sales objectives like meetings, demos, proposals, and other key activities.

Ideal Customers

Improved selection of the right ideal customer profiles as well as the corresponding buyer personas. Your new sales team needs to be focused on the right targets to maximize your return on investment.

Get the processes in place

There are many processes that should be in place help to ensure sales success. This means operationalizing things the founder may already be doing. There could also be a few processes that aren’t yet in place. You should not assume that a new sales hire would know what is needed and how to put them in place. These processes could include telephone scripts, email scripts, sales cadence, and the necessary steps in your sales process.

The right infrastructure

For sales success, the proper tools should be used to retain knowledge, improve efficiency, help with research, and to close more business. These tools could include a CRM, email, research, social media tools, and other solutions such as LinkedIn Navigator.

Getting ready for hiring sales

Before hiring or even interviewing a salesperson, many things need to be figured out. These should include the type of sales that will be needed, sales targets, skills/background required, and compensation plan.

Ongoing sales management

A sales management plan will need to be in place for the sales team. This should include one-on-one meetings, being involved in sales calls/meetings, team meetings, being present during everyday activities, funnel reviews, and personal development for the sales reps.

If you would like to know if a Fractional VP of sales is right for you, reach out to me for a conversation.

Fractional VP of Sales