Advantages of a Hubspot Partner Account

Let us assume you have chosen HubSpot as your CRM system of choice to manage your business. With your HubsSpot account, you are now a HubSpot Partner. We discussed the advantages and features of a free CRM system such as HubSpot against a paid service such as Salesforce if you have not had the chance to read the article you can read that article here. We will discuss some of the key features that you will have available with your CRM that can enhance your interactions with clients and manage your data efficiently and precisely.


Email Integration

As a HubSpot Partner, you will have the powerful feature of HubSpots email integration. For a demonstration of how to integrate your email address into HubSpot, you can view this video. With your email integrated, you will be able to send emails directly from your HubSpot CRM to your clients. If a client responds to your email, you will still receive that reply in your normal email inbox, however, that reply email will also be logged in your HubSpot CRM at the same time. One key advantage of using CRM to send out emails is the tracking feature within HubSpot, which we will discuss further. Email integration will also allow you to better manage your follow up tasks with your clients and track client meetings you may set up in HubSpot.


Phone Integration

A similar function as the email integration, you will also be able to integrate your cell phone or preferred phone number directly into the HubSpot CRM Dashboard. For instructions on how to set this up, click this link. Once your desired phone number is integrated into HubSpot, you will be able to make calls directly from the CRM to your clients. It should be noted that while you are on a call through the CRM, your original phone line will not be in use and you will still be able to receive calls. Once you have finished your call, you will be asked to select an outcome for the call (connected, not connected, or voicemail) along with any notes you would like to make about the call. The call will then be logged as a completed task directly into the CRM for you. One added feature of this function is that the length of the call is automatically tracked in CRM along with your number and the number you are dialing. A virtual dial pad will also be available to you in the phone interface. In theory, your computer could become your central tool for all client work completed.

Email Tracking

An email will likely be your primary source of communication to your clients and to prospects that you wish to conduct outbound communications. Within HubSpot, you will be able to create your email templates that will ensure a consistent message is delivered to all your contacts. For steps on how to create your email template, you can view this video. Email templates can be created that will pre-populate specific information such as your email signature or a contact name or company name into your template. You will be able to have more detailed email tracking directly in the dashboard of HubSpot. This means you will be able to see when and how many times a recipient opens your email. This feature allow you to see who is more engaged with the content you are sending out and managing those contacts accordingly.


Enhance Your Business

As a HubSpot Partner, you have taken an important step in managing a successful business, HubSpot will offer you many of the central tools to take control and enhance your business all from within your HubSpot dashboard. You will be able to better manage your responsibilities and offer more efficient service to your clients to make your business successful.

If you need help with your CRM integration, you can always reach out to me for a conversation.

Advantages of a Hubspot Partner Account