The Benefits of Using a B2B CRM

This week’s blog on B2B CRM benefits was inspired by a conversation I had last week. I was in Kitchener-Waterloo working out of Communitech between some meetings in the area. It was very busy that day because of a large event in the same area. One of our clients was in town for the event and we had a chance to share a brief conversation.

This client has been working with us for a few months and they talked about how the engagement was going well and how they were surprised by how much they liked using the CRM. This is a common remark we hear from customers that start using a B2B CRM. We are always adamant about the strong benefits of using a CRM for B2B companies. Here are a few of the main benefits that organizations experience when using a CRM, and why you should consider incorporating it into your B2B too.

Faster Closes

A CRM helps keep companies and sales people organized. That means keeping better notes, scheduling future steps, and having opportunities in the funnel for your entire sales team to see. Yes, entering information into the CRM takes some time, but the ROI on that effort can be very high. The more organized, the better you can respond in a timely manner using the information you have learned earlier in the engagement.

More Feedback from Sales

One of the best sources of product and competitor feedback is from the sales process. As an example we have one client that pays very close attention to reasons for sales losses. This helps them prioritize future features based on quantitative data. By updating and tracking your engagements in a CRM, even if you don’t win a sale, you can still be learning and getting better by using the information within the CRM.

Better Visibility

Being in sales can be a lonely job. Yes, with extra visibility on the sales funnel more team members become involved, but for the most part this means more resources. The leadership and supporting employees can now see the results of the hard effort before the revenue shows up. This also means for an organization that a sales person cannot hold you hostage with information in their head or other less public spots.
There are many options that are free or nearly free, so there really isn’t any excuse for not having one. One of our current favourites is the HubSpot Sales CRM as it is free, in the cloud, and very easy to use.
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The Benefits of Using a B2B CRM