Ask the Experts: B2B Sales Efforts

When it comes to sales, the learning is never finished, and it is important to try new things and look for ways in which you can improve your B2B sales efforts while also focusing on the things that are working best for you and your business.

Once again, we are looking to a group of sales experts to understand what they will be trying to do more of as it relates to their sales efforts in 2023. Here is what they had to say. 

We’ve seen in-person events come back in 2022. I am excited to have our team meet with prospective new clients and customers in the market. We’ve got a number of big in-person events already planned with our largest retail conference happening in New York City this January. We will be looking at more in-person events both with prospects, customers, and partners. Jon Jones- Director of Business Development, Axonify 

I’ve got to keep learning to say no to shiny objects and distraction. I’m forever an ideas guy and so I’m always bumping into ‘cool opportunities’. The trouble is, 6 times out of 10 you try to justify how they’re only slightly unqualified, and spend cycles chasing deals you’re never going to close. It seems like a rookie mistake, but it’s like a gambling addiction…you tell yourself you can’t win if you don’t play! Just make sure you’re playing games that you can actually win. I’d like to get more merciless in my ICP and stay in the lane, closing more deals that matter and less energy on chasing dreams. Ryan McCartney -​​ Head of Strategic Partnerships, Uvaro

One big-bet we’re making is to change our team structure to have a dedicated Account Management function that works with our customer base to drive success and net retention.  This will allow a smaller team of dedicated hunters to focus on finding new business accounts, which will require a very different skill set this year as a lot of companies are in a budget crunch due to the economy. Dan Wardle – VP Revenue, Vidyard 

I would really like to try to see if using video somehow can improve conversions or drive

more leads. This is not something I have really explored. The other main thing I would

like to investigate is how to improve email lead conversions. People are so

inundated with email now it is hard to get their attention. Email also bears risks such as

ransomware and this may be driving lower open rates. Steve Gruber- Co-Founder, VA Partners

I will be exploring some solutions around customer intent.  Customer intent software allows businesses to gain insight on a customer’s purchase intent through customer journey mapping tracking, predictive analytics, and competitor data. There are many new solutions and we will be looking for ones that are cost effective and easy to use. This should significantly help targeted follow-up. Mark Elliott -Co-Founder, VA Partners 

With 2023 well on its way, we can see how the B2B space is shifting and changing, while also welcoming back opportunities that were dormant throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As sales teams continue to navigate these changing times, it is important to continue to assess your sales efforts while also putting focus and energy into the methods and strategies that are working for your business.

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Ask the Experts: B2B Sales Efforts