Ask the Experts: Sales Tech Stack

As a new year begins, we are looking to our experts to understand how they are approaching sales in 2023, and what is the most important part of their sales tech stack and why.

When it comes to sales success, it is vital to stay organized and utilizing strong sales tech tools including CRM can be the answer to setting your team up for success. Here is what our experts shared about the sales tech stack that they are relying on in 2023. 

The most important part of our sales tech stack is our amazing business operations team that makes them all run like a well-oiled machine behind the scenes. The sales and marketing tech stack of any fast-growing technology company is large and often complicated. It really takes a dedicated team of experienced technology and operations leaders to make them all work in orchestration. Integrations, data integrity, and serving up relevant meaningful information to sellers are critical to our success. 

If I had to identify a few pieces of our stack that are critical, I would say buyer intent tools like 6sense and Demand Base. These tools are emerging as major disruptors that everyone should be considering. As well as solutions like Usergems and LinkedIn Navigator that track your advocates and former champions as they go to new companies. These tools are great solutions that can optimize referrals and warm introductions for your sales team. Jon Jones- Director of Business Development, Axonify 

I’m a bit old school, and a big foundations guy. I believe in the core of the CRM and, more importantly, the committed use of it. I’ve been fully invested in HubSpot the last few years and the deeper I go, the more love I have. The tools are only as good as the users’ buy-in to use them deeply though. I’m always coaching my teams on the value the tool brings in making you more money and serving more customers if you invest yourself in the tool. Just don’t forget that selling isn’t just spending time in the tool, please also balance out TALKING TO YOUR PROSPECTS. Imagine your sales manager not having to spend cycles asking you annoying questions about where your deal’s at, but rather pinging you on slack or in meetings asking thought provoking questions or filling in blanks in your sales process because all of the basics were covered! Image if you had clarity on what you’re working on every day/week/month because your forecasts are accurate pipeline analytics relevant. From the cockpit of one application you can track and manage all of stakeholders, project manager your workload, communicate in traditional and innovative ways (simple video messages and calls, or marketing automation), create cadences and automate some of your activity, and get great feedback on what’s working and what’s not and so much more. Ryan McCartney -​​ Head of Strategic Partnerships, Uvaro

This is a tough one, I’d say it’s a toss-up between a sales automation platform or the contact data provider. Sales automation tools allow your team to be much more efficient, while also being able to optimize the templates and cadence structure to maximize reply and meeting booked rates… but without contact data it’s pretty tough to do your job! Dan Wardle – VP Revenue, Vidyard 

For me, the most important component of my sales stack is the sales CRM. In my case,

we use HubSpot for most of our clients. With the volume of activity daily and the sheer

number of accounts and contacts we have, it is really the only way to stay organized.

The ability to store notes, activity history, account information and the reporting

features allowing for quick access to certain information or accounts is imperative.

In addition, the ability to run email campaigns, check statistics around open rates and

click-through statistics provides significant value when trying to improve conversions. Future

task setting is also key. Steve Gruber- Co-Founder, VA Partners

For us the CRM is the key to our sales stack.  We use HubSpot as a CRM with paid sales and marketing modules.  It is the tool the team uses the most everyday for ourselves and our customers.  It is dependable, easy to use, feature rich, has excellent free education, and is a good value. Mark Elliott -Co-Founder, VA Partners 

As all of our experts outlined, utilizing a strong sales stack technology can not only keep your business organized, it can also empower your team to make better sales decisions that will set your business up for success. The right sales tech stack can combine all imperative account information in one place, and grant you the access to reporting features that can help your teams set up successful campaigns in the future, to ensure that you are connecting with the right prospects that fit your business. 

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Ask the Experts: Sales Tech Stack