Getting the Most Out of a LinkedIn Group

LinkedInThere are Linkedin groups available to join in practically any topic of your business. In fact, there are usually several groups dedicated to discussing the same topic! LinkedIn groups offer a lot of valuable information and provide a platform to connect with others of similar interest. With all this information and connection readily available where do you begin?

Below I have listed simple ways of optimizing LinkedIn Groups.

Join LinkedIn groups

Join specific LinkedIn groups that are of genuine interest to you. Choose groups you want to join carefully because the reality is that you will not be able to be active in 50 groups. Before you join a group make sure that it is active and doesn’t contain spam. Also think about joining groups that are location-based for more local information. Try looking at influencers in your industry or people who have similar interests as you to see what groups they have joined.

Post discussions

Post threads on topics that you are interested in. Don’t simply post an article and expect it to generate a conversation. Ask a question that you need help with or post an opinion on a popular subject. Look to engage other members by phrasing questions in a way that catches their attention.For example, discuss topics that are being currently discussed in the news.

Contribute to conversations

Start commenting on discussions to create potential connections. Don’t be afraid to state your opinion. If you have a particular area of expertise that other members might benefit from hearing, be vocal about it but remain respectful to the other members of the group. Remember to check back on the conversations that you have commented on to see if anyone else has asked additional questions or posted more comments.

Linkedin groups offer a lot of value but getting started can be overwhelming.Try out these simple steps to get the most of your Linkedin group experience. To learn more about how to use LinkedIn and social media for sales and marketing, download one of our free white papers.

Getting the Most Out of a LinkedIn Group