How to Improve Your SEO with Moz


There are a number of tools we use on a daily basis, but one of our favourites is Moz. We use Moz to monitor our client’s websites as well as our own. It’s a useful tool to make sure that we are being seen by search engines and found by potential clients.

What is Moz?

Moz is an online tool that helps improve your SEO, by showing you areas of your website that can be improved to enhance visibility. The tool allows you to easily fix broken links and see how your keywords are stacking up against your competitors. If you want to try Moz out, there is a free 30-day trial available. If you like what you see, you can then purchase a subscription based on your needs. There are a number of different plans available.

Here are some ways that you can also use Moz to improve your SEO.


We use Moz to monitor how we are ranking for specific keywords. Over the years we have compiled a list of important terms and uploaded that list to Moz. Once a week, our site is crawled and we are given an update of how we are ranking against others on those specific keywords. Our current list is comprised of about 100-150 keywords.


With our Moz plan we have the ability to monitor up to three competitors. Moz uses the keyword list to show us how our competitors are ranking. It’s a useful way to help us plan blog topics and make updates to our website.

Competitor Keywords

Crawl Diagnostics

Crawl diagnostics is one of the most important features Moz offers. It allows you to see which of your links are broken so that you can easily fix them. For example, if you recently did a website revamp it’s possible that the url of some pages might change. The crawl diagnostics feature identifies these issues.

Crawl Diagnostics


The insights section of the website highlights areas where your website has improved in ranking and areas where there could be improvements. It’s useful to help make you aware of things you could be missing.


On-Page Optimization

This section of the website rates each of the pages on your website on a scale from A to F. A meaning there are no issues and F meaning there are areas for improvement.

On Page Optimization

It specifically tells you what you can do to optimize the page and improve the grade.

How to Optimize

There are a number of resources to help you learn how to utilize Moz and learn more about SEO.

If your business needs help improving their SEO to generate more leads, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

How to Improve Your SEO with Moz