HubSpot Sales for Startups

At VA Partners we are big supporters in HubSpot Sales solutions for Startups. We made the switch internally from Salesforce to HubSpot 4 years ago after being with Salesforce for over 10 years. A couple years later we became a HubSpot Solution Provider Partner to better serve our customers. Here are a fewof the reasons we like using HubSpot and recommend it.

Easy to Get Started:

The HubSpot sales user experience is great for people new to CRMs. Adding contacts and company information is made simple through their import process. It is easy to connect email accounts to HubSpot so that information can flow automatically into HubSpot. HubSpot sales is intuitive to use and they have lots of options for training and support.

Use it for More:

I had a call with someone recently that was using three different software solutions to do what they could do with HubSpot. Having all this data in one spot can provide better visibility, simplify the sales and marketing effort, and in many cases save companies money.

Great Free Feature and Room to Grow:

We work with a lot of companies that are managing their sales information through excel or sheets. This is not a scalable solution for sales growth. Getting them on the free HubSpot Sales CRM is a great first step. From their companies can add some of the marketing starter for the email. As they become more sophisticated and look for automation they may add sequences and workflows. Many of the tech centres like Altitude Accelerator and the Innovation Factory can provide significant discounts for startups on paid HubSpot solutions.

Excellent Support and Training:

The HubSpot Academy has a wide range of courses that range in the length. Some of the courses can event build towards certifications. They even have courses to educate in sales and marketing skills that aren’t directly linked to their products.They have lots of great documentation as well through their community and HubSpot Knowledge portals. If you are interested talking about how VA Partners can help with yourHubSport sales implementation please reach out.

HubSpot Sales for Startups