HubSpot Sequences

Hubspot sequences are a quick way to communicate with large amounts of your prospects in a direct time efficient manner. Today we will be exploring ways to use different tools with Hubspot to create and simulate email sequence.

Hubspot Email Sequence 

With the sequence tool in Hubspot you can create a series of targeted email templates that can be sent to contacts over time. Building a sequence starts with defining your ideal buyer profile. Ensuring your sequence is being sent to the correct personas is the first step.  You can personalize the message depending on the target market you are looking to send out to. Remember to schedule your sequences to send at the appropriate times. You want to ensure that your emails are sent at times that your prospects will be most likely to view and read the emails. Generally, it’s been found most prospects take time to review emails early in their day or near the end of their working day.  Its important to monitor the success of your sequences, Hubspot allows you to track the number of email opens and click rates within each sequence. Based on these metrics you can modify your message based on how the email sequence is performing with your target personas. If a prospect responds directly to an email in your sequence Hubspot will unenroll them from the sequence if there are more emails left to be sent to them. You should remember to add tasks to the contacts in your sequences before you start the email sequence. Ideally, you want to create a task that will be set for a date after the sequence has been concluded. Once the Sequence is completed you should conduct follow ups with all the contacts in that sequence. Often contacts may interact with content in your emails however they may not directly reach out to you. It can take between 8-12 follow up points (often call touch points) to get a response from a prospect. For more information you can view this article.

Hubspot Marketing Emails 

Hubspot Email Marketing is another way to generate leads and connect with your prospects. You can simulate some aspects of Hubspots email sequence through this function. The first step is to gather the contacts you wish to reach out to. You can compile this list based on buyer personas and Ideal customer profiles. If you have LinkedIn sales navigator you can use the advanced search filters to generate lead lists based on the qualifications of your targets. LinkedIn then allows you to directly export these lists into an excel file, This excel file can then be directly uploaded into Hubspot. The main difference in the email marketing tool is that you will be directly sending each email message to your list all at the same time. You can create your message the same way as you would be able to in a traditional email sequence. You can track the key metrics such as clicks and email opens for each email you send out to your lists. You still want to ensure you are sending out your emails at the appropriate time.  For information on you can view this article.

How to Target High Activity Contacts 

If you are running a traditional email sequence or Hubspot marketing email you should always evaluate the key metrics of the emails and how they are being received by your prospects. Generally, if you notice prospects have higher levels of engagement with your content through emails and clicks it can be a clue of their interest levels. Targeting these prospects with more direct follow ups through phone calls should be more of a priority for you as they could be of a higher chance to convert into a qualified lead. It is important to note you do not want to refer to these prospects that you are following up with them because of their engagement levels, you should frame your call as just a normal follow up to your email. For example, a prospect with at least 3 or more email opens should be targeted with more direct follow ups by phone before you conduct your general follow ups. Any prospect that has a click through with your emails should also be targeted for direct follow ups, the main difference is even 1 click should be enough for you to follow up with that prospect. For more information on email marketing consider this article.

Remember the key of Hubspots sequence tool starts with target personas you are looking to reach. If you need help you can reach out to me.

HubSpot Sequences