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HubSpot Training Highlights

HubSpot is well known for its CRM services, however any HubSpot partner also has access to the HubSpot Training Academy. The academy offers many free courses and content for inbound sales and marketing. We will explore some the ideal courses to consider for sales training.

Why do you need to personalize your outreach?

To begin our HubSpot training highlights, we will start with personalized outreach. How you identify a lead affects how you connect with them. Personalizing your message to a prospect is a way to help you connect with a lead. You should start your message based on your buyer’s context and with this you can make an offer aligned with the buyers’ needs. You should avoid a message that is trying to push a product to the prospect. The goal of personalized messaging is to come off as more human and being empathic to their approach to doing business. Prospects will not trust a message that feels too robotic. For more information on how to personalize your message consider this article. One of the most important times you should use a personalized outreach is when you are responding to an inbound lead. These are leads that have been to your website and identified themselves in some way. Inbound leads will have the most context from the buyer and their interest. Trigger events are a way for you to be notified either by email or message that a lead is requesting direct contact from your business. 

 Uncovering your customers’ jobs

If you want to create a more personalized message to your leads, you need to understand the jobs your leads are hiring you to complete. You should create a timeline of how the lead became your customer. You are trying to learn the series of events that led them to become your customer from the start of the process to finish. Questions you should consider from your leads should include why did they hire your business to complete the job they need to be done? How long did they think about it before they made the decision? Were they making do with something else or nothing at all before reaching out to you for a solution? Once you understand the job your leads are hiring you to do, you can then create a story based on the job. The story should relate to a previous customer who has hired your company to complete a job and experienced the desired results from the engagement. Customers will be able to better envision how your product or service will help them accomplish their goals if they understand how other unrelated companies have successfully done it to achieve their own goals. For more information about uncovering your customers’ jobs consider this video.

Being a hero to your persona 

The last of our HubSpot training highlights will look at being a hero to your persona. Being a hero to your persona starts with the simple question of who you want to be a hero to. For example, here at VA Partners we are a hero to small business start-ups who can not yet afford a full-time sales employee but have identified that they need those services. You want to look for relationships between your personas and the job you help them get done. In some cases, there are specific personas that share certain jobs to be done in that persona. Your company is a hero to the persona that wants a job to be done. You want to focus your efforts on the people you know you can be a hero to. You should define your persona, figure out their job to be done and put it all together into a hero statement. Focus your entire organization on being that hero. Part of being a hero also includes addressing questions or concerns your customers may experience after hiring you to complete the job they need to be completed. For more advantages of being a HubSpot partner consider this article.

Remember that as a Hubspot partner you have free access to the full library of the HubSpot training academy. You may uncover courses that become your own HubSpot training highlights. If you need help with your sales efforts, you can always reach out to me for a conversation.

HubSpot Training Highlights