LinkedIn Sales Navigator Prospecting

LinkedIn sales navigator can be used as a key tool in your search for prospects, Today we will explore ways to leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your prospecting purposes.

Introduction to LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

The first thing to understand about LinkedIn sales navigator is the differences between the free version of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. The first difference is Sales Navigator is a paid subscription service that typically costs around $79 a month. For more sales tools consider this article.

Sales Navigator will help to streamline the process of finding new leads and making further connections. Sales Navigator offers more improved search filters along with more tools to make sure you can reach the right decision maker at companies. Here are a few of the benefits of Sales Navigator: searches for your target audience using advanced filters, recommended sales leads, Job change alerts, Specific keyword mentions and much more. The use of the new filter options allows you to create custom lists of your prospects and track their status over time. This can be helpful when you need to track the buying process in a specific company. You can create these lists based on a specific set of criteria you set for your search. We will further explore how to use these more advanced filters. Consider this video for an introduction to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

How to Use Advanced Search Filters 

The Sales Navigators advanced filters allow you to search for specific types of prospects and roles within companies. You can base your search on a company level or a people level which will have different sets of filters available depending on your search. On a company level you will these filters as an example: Company size, Company revenue, and Recent senior leadership changes. On a people level these are some common filters: function, industry, location by region/state, job title and more. creating a lead list based on these filters allows you to quickly hone your search for the best results to reach prospects. You can save individual prospect searches if you are trying to reach many different types of prospects as well. When conducting a search, sometimes you are given large numbers of results of possible prospects, sometimes thousands of prospects. Using the filters is one way to break down results to be more specific based on the prospects you are trying to research, and another way to cut down further on list results is to use the keyword feature in LinkedIn. This feature allows you to show results with contacts, or results that have those specific words somewhere in their profile or description.

How I use LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

I have been using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting and research for more than 4 years now, and most of the time I use it on a daily basis. The most common filters I use when conducting searches on prospects, are mostly the industry, geographical location, job titles and keyword search, to keep the results to a manageable level. As a salesperson, your most valuable resource is your time and having a list of more than 1000 results could show you have a large pool of prospects to reach out to, but it would take time to conduct outreach to all of them. For more information on time management consider this article. The purpose of the keywords is to see if you can funnel these results down to maybe say 100 results, use a keyword that fits the job duties of your ideal customer profile. Once you have conducted and saved your search results, Sales Navigator can alert you to new prospects that can be added to your list after periods of time. You can set the parameters of this to update every day or every week. These are likely new employees just new to their position which for you fits your ideal customer profile. For more information consider this article. Remember the key to searching for prospects is keeping the vision of the ideal customer profile in mind. successful If you need help with your prospecting for leads you can reach out to me.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Prospecting