The Path to Sales Success: Tech Startups

The path to long term sales success for any tech start-up is a repeatable set of steps, which if consistently followed should lead to sales success.

At Venture Accelerator Partners we call this the Path to Sales Success. This is necessary so that as an organization you can determine the specific activities that need to be completed for a sale. This is especially true as you start to grow and have new team members being involved with the sales cycle.

Our typical Path to Sales Success has 5 phases, including:

  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Proposing
  • Closing
  • Roll-out

The item that travels through the Path to Sales Success is an opportunity. Organizations may have one opportunity per account or many.My next 5 blog posts will look into the specifics of each phase.

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The Path to Sales Success: Tech Startups